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2013 Agendas, Videos, Minutes

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2013-12-10   Study session notice     minutes
2013-12-03  Action report Council meeting notice Amendment to city's residential design guidelines; urgency ordinance for moratorium on hookah parlors; excessive use ordinance video  minutes
2013-11-26 Special meeting notice Labor negotiations regarding CMCEA   minutes
2013-11-19  Action report



notice Traffic impact fee; 4% raise for police officers video  minutes
2013-11-12   Study session   Capital Improvement Program update/surplus funds discussion video   minutes
2013-11-12   Study session  notice Effective communications in local government training video  minutes
notice Notice of annual review of the citywide Traffic Impact Fee Program    
2013-11-05  Action report Council meeting notice Hookah parlor moratorium; amendment to appeal, rehearing and review procedures; introduction of proposed excessive use of resources ordinance  video   minutes
2013-10-15  Action report Council meeting notice Request for a rehearing on the Fairview Park entryway concept plans video minutes
notice Cancellation of City Council Study Session
2013-10-07   Special meeting notice  Special closed session: Anticipated litigation minutes
  Council meeting   Second reading of Public Nuisance Abatement Ordinance video  minutes
2013-09-24   Council meeting notice Special closed session regarding labor negotiations video  minutes
2013-09-17   Council meeting notice Fairview Park entryway concept plans appeal; public nuisance abatement ordinance; General Plan screening of two residential projects video  minutes
2013-09-10   Study session  notice Small lot ordinance  video  minutes
2013-09-03   Council meeting   Audit of golf course operations; grants for Fairview Park,  video minutes
2013-08-20     notice Cancellation of City Council regular meeting  
2013-08-13     notice Cancellation of City Council Study Session    
2013-08-06   Council meeting   Desktop computer purchases; traffic slow-down measures for E. 19th Street  video minutes
2013-07-16   Council meeting notice General Plan screening for proposed 208-unit residential apartment project at 1973 Newport Blvd; Urban Master Plan screening for a 29-unit live-work development at 643 and 651 W. 17th St. and 1677 Superior Ave. video  minutes
2013-07-09     notice Cancellation of City Council Study Session
2013-07-02   Council meeting   Purchase of ambulances; emergency operations plan; purchase of $1.5 million computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system video minutes
2013-06-18  Action report Council meeting notice Adoption of 2013-14 fiscal year budget; Pension Oversight Committee appointment; Community Development Block Grant and Home Investment Partnership Program funding video minutes
2013-06-11   Study session notice 2013-14 preliminary budget, Community Development Block Grant and Home Investment Partnership Program funding video  minutes
2013-06-11   Special meeting notice  Proposed modifications to Costa Mesa homebuyer assistance program policies video  minutes
2013-06-04   Council meeting   Jail operations outsourcing; charter committee appointments; Senior Center appointments video minutes
2013-05-28   Special meeting notice Labor negotiations minutes
2013-05-28    Study session  notice Fiscal Year 2013-2014 Preliminary Operating and Capital Improvement Budget video  minutes
2013-05-21   Council meeting   Pre-development loan for permanent supportive housing project video minutes
2013-05-14   Special meeting notice Labor negotiations minutes
2013-05-14   Joint meeting notice Parks and Recreation Commission goals and objectives video  minutes
2013-05-13   Joint meeting notice Planning Commission goals and objectives video minutes
2013-05-07   Council meeting  

Reorganization of Costa Mesa Fire Department; Review of planning application for a 14-unit residential common interest development at 2157 and 2159 Tustin Ave.

video minutes
2013-04-30   Special meeting notice Conference with legal counsel: anticipated litigation video  minutes
2013-04-23   Special meeting notice Public employee performance evaluation: Thomas R. Hatch, Chief Executive Officer   minutes
2013-04-23   Study session notice Information regarding proposed charter video minutes


  Council meeting   Urban Master Plan screening request for 22 attached live/work units within the 19th West Urban plan; Appointment to Council-appointed committees and boards video minutes
2013-04-09   Special meeting notice    Labor negotiations minutes
2013-04-09   Study session   2013-2014 Community Development Block Grant Funding video   minutes
2013-04-02   Council meeting  

Appeal of planning application for a design review and subdivision map for a 17-unit small lot common interest development with specified variances and deviations at 1259 Victoria St.; Ordinance relating to storage of personal property in public areas and unlawful camping

video minutes
2013-03-19   Council meeting  

Ordinance to stop storage of personal property in public area and unlawful camping; public engagement in General Plan update

video minutes
notice Cancellation of City Council Study Session 
2013-03-07   Special meeting notice Labor negotiations minutes
2013-03-05   Council meeting   Fairview Park Advisory Committee; Costa Mesa High School joint-use athletic facility video minutes
2013-02-28   Joint meeting notice Joint meeting of City Council, Planning Commission and Parks and Recreation Commission: ethics training
2013-02-26   Study session   Joe Nation analysis of city's unfunded pension liabilities; John Bartel analysis of fiscal impact of 2@55 pension formula enacted in 2008 video minutes
2013-02-19   Council meeting   

Appointment of three planning commissioners; funding for Costa Mesa United; IT upgrades; pension oversight committee; fireworks amendments

video minutes
2013-02-12   Study session notice 

Mid-year budget review; results of independent financial audit 

2013-02-05   Council meeting  

Appointments to Planning Commision, Parks and Recreation Commission; 60th anniversary celebration proposed budget and concept; ticket policy

video minutes
2013-01-15   Council meeting

Appointments to Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission

video  minutes
2013-01-08   Council meeting  

Anchor Trailer Park closure; security cameras; Fairview Park wetlands broadwalk

video minutes
2013-01-01      notice  Meeting Rescheduled