Duties of mayor and council members

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Duties of Mayor

  • Parttime position under council/manager form of government
  • Official head of the City
  • Presiding officer of all City Council meetings and various ceremonial occasions in the community
  • Signs all official documents relating to local government
  • Participates in all activities listed for Council Members and is a voting member of the City Council
  • Monthly salary: $904
  • Term: 2 years

Duties of Council Members

  • Part time position under council/manager form of government
  • City Council is the legislative body of the City and the members adopt the laws and policies for local government
  • Appoint a city manager to act as administrative head of the various city departments and the employees
  • Define the powers and duties of appointed officers and employees
  • Adopts a budget to guide expenditures and revenue
  • Appropriate funds to operate City government
  • Monthly salary: $904
  • Term: 4 years