2005-04: Mr. Michael Gilmore & Mr. Hunter Golden

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April 1, 2005

Mr. Michael Gilmore
Costa Mesa, California

Dear Michael,

It is my sincere pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as the April 2005 recipient of Costa Mesa's Mayor's Award, along with Hunter Golden. The Mayor's Award Program was designed to recognize and appreciate individuals in the community who display exemplary qualities of leadership and demonstrate a sincere concern for the common good.

Police Officer Al Lopez brought to my attention the extraordinary deed that you and your friend performed on January 22, 2005. While at lunch, you and Mr. Golden spotted a day planner in the street. Realizing that its owner had lost the item, you contacted the proper authorities to ensure that the day planner was returned to its owner. The owner, needless to say, was relieved that an item of such importance was found and overjoyed that her personal items were still intact.

Your actions, Michael, exemplify the purpose for which the Mayor's Award Program was established. Your upstanding character and integrity reflects highly upon you as a young member of our community. On behalf of the City Council, I commend your honesty and decision-making and wish you the best of luck in what is clearly a promising future.


Allan R. Mansoor