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2005-12: Fred Gaeckler

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December 1, 2005

Mr. Fred Gaeckler, Volunteer
Costa Mesa Police Department

Dear Mr. Gaeckler:

It is my sincere pleasure to inform you of your selection as the recipient of the Costa Mesa Mayor's Award for the month of December 2005. The Mayor's Award Program was designed to recognize individuals in our City who have served the greater community through acts of personal contribution and volunteer efforts.

Over the last 14 years, you have dedicated an impressive 16,700 hours to our City, as a leader of the Costa Mesa Police Department Volunteer Division. In addition to many long days and nights spent patrolling the local neighborhoods to ensure safety in our community, you were also responsible for directing and coordinating the training of additional police volunteers. As a result of your volunteering accomplishments and exemplary leadership, our police program has been able to designate greater time and resources to other areas.

I am most appreciative of the services you have provided and the leadership you have brought to our community through volunteering. On behalf of the City Council and the citizens of Costa Mesa, I commend you for your dedicated and on-going services to the community. It is commitment and unselfish leadership from devoted volunteers such as you that makes Costa Mesa "the Best of Southern California."


Allan R. Mansoor