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2006-12: Ms. Sally Brown

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November 17, 2006

Ms. Sally Brown
Costa Mesa, California 92626

Dear Ms. Brown:

It is my sincere pleasure to inform you that you have been selected as the recipient of the Costa Mesa Mayor's Award for December 2006. The Mayor's Award Program recognizes individuals in our City who have served the community through acts of professionalism, volunteerism, and dedicated service.

For over 20 years, you have been a permanent fixture at the election polls at City Hall. Each Election Day involves many service hours by poll workers willing to set up poll stations, have documents and registration material in order, assist voters, and ensure voting procedures are properly followed. As lead volunteer, you have brought your knowledge, patience, and leadership to bear in coordinating with other volunteer poll workers to provide a smooth polling process. Your good humor and smile have benefited and privileged both Costa Mesans and those of us here at the City through many election days.

As you have confirmed with my staff, you will be publicly honored at the Tuesday, December 5 City Council Meeting. The meeting will be held at Costa Mesa City Hall, Council Chambers, 77 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, California.

On behalf of the City Council, I am most appreciative of the leadership you have shown to our community. Your commitment to our civic institutions is an exemplar of volunteerism and participation, and I thank you for your steadfast dedication.


Allan R. Mansoor