2014 City contracts

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 Contract  Date approved
 URS Corporation and Trumark Homes LLC
 12-12-2014  Amend the scope of services to include for preparation of a focused health rick assessment for a dry cleaning establishment at 1125 Victoria Street
 Show Development West
 12-01-2014  City Hall lighting and decorating for the Snoopy House
 Maintenance of Gateway
 11-21-2014  Gateway monument sign structure
 Landscape Maintenance
 11-21-2014  Planting, hardscaping, litter and weed removal, and irrigation systems improvements within State Route 55
 PlaceWorks  11-19-2014  Environmental and technical services for 671 West 17th Street Live/Work Project (PA-14-29)
 Asakura Robinson
 11-18-2014  Design of landscape and irrigation improvements for existing medians and an entry monument sign
 Mike Linares
 11-04-2014  Consolidated Plan Consultant
 LSA Associates and Ganahl
 11-01-2014  Contractor to prepare an Initial Studies/Mitigated Negative Declaration as well as consultation for the Ganahl Lumber Expansion Project
 10-27-2014  Development of a 97-unit high-rise condominium project with a seven level parking structure for joint use with Wyndham Hotel at 3350 Avenue of the Arts
 Pyxis Water Systems Public Services Agreement
 10-22-2014  Perform preventative maintenance and service of the TeWinkle Park Lakes
 Glenn Lukos Associates, Inc.
 10-22-2014  Biological  services for the restoration, protection and management of vernal pools at Fairview Park
 Safe Moves
 10-21-2014  Bicycle safety and participation courses and programs within 16 of the city's schools
 URS & Trumark Homes Agreement
 Independent contractor to prepare an initial Studies/Mitigated Negative Declaration as well as consultation
 Tandus Centiva, Inc.
 10-06-2014  The City desires to piggy-back upon the Tandus/NJPA agreement to procure floor coverings for the Costa Mesa Senior Center from Contractor as an independent contractor
 Endemic Environmental Services
 10-01-2014  Biological monitoring for Fairview Park Wetlands, Phase II, Year 3
 Western Transit Systems (Amend 1)
 10-01-2014  Services relating to the transportation of seniors in a senior transportation vehicle
 Costa Mesa Sanitary District Vehicle Maintenance Services (Amend 2)
 10-01-2014  Costa Mesa Sanitary District Vehicle Maintenance Services for the City's provision of vehicle maintenance services to the District
 FCS International, Inc

 Environmental-related support and consultation services

 MJK Construction
 09-25-2014  Agreement for construction
 National Data and Surveying Services - Public Services Agreement
 09-23-2014  Provision of traffic data collection services
 Care Ambulance Services
 09-17-2014  Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support emergency ambulance services, and patient billing services in the City
 Merchants Building Maintenance
 09-16-2014  Janitorial services  for City buildings and the Costa Mesa Senior Center
 Integrated Law Justice Agency for Orange County
 09-16-2014  The member agencies desire to restate and amend said Joint Powers Agreement
 Ken Okamoto & Associates, Inc
 09-16-2014  Engineering services for structural calculation of Police Substation
 Kalban, Inc
 09-16-2014  Agreement for 2013-14 CDBG
 Patriot Contracting & Engineering, Inc
 09-16-2014  Engineering services
 Merchants Building Maintenance
 09-16-2014  Janitorial services for city buildings and the Costa Mesa Senior Center
 Kabarra Engineering
 09-14-2014  Professional engineering services to conduct field survey for several alleys in the City
 Lilley Planning Group (Amend 2)
 09-03-2014  Planning services
 Mike Linares, Inc.
 09-02-2014  CDBG/Home Coordinator services
 Care Ambulance (2nd Amend)
 09-01-2014  Basic Life Support, Advance Life Support emergency ambulance services and patient billing services
 Thales Consulting, Inc
 08-29-2014  Prepare the City's Transaction Report and annual Street Report
 David Taussig & Associates, Inc. 
 08-28-2014  Prepare Park Facilities Residential Impact Fee Study
 Fatpot Technologies
 08-27-2014  Provide CAD call unit sharing interfacing services between OSSI and other Orange County Agencies
 City of Mission Viejo (Amend 1)
 08-06-2014  On-site computer technology assistance
 Scientia Consulting Group, Inc. (Amend 3)
 08-6-2014  On-site computer technology assistance
 JAG Program
 08-05-2014  Agreement to Transfer Funds
 Olpin Group, Inc
 07-16-2014  Installation of steel outdoor duty lockers
 Mayer Hoffman McCann, P.C.
 07-16-2014  Transient occupancy tax auditing services
 Civil Source
 07-15-2014  Construction management services and inspection services
 Rosell Surveying & Mapping
 07-07-2014  Prepare Legal Description and Plat for the proposed zone change and annexation
 Costa Mesa Conference & Visitors Bureau
 07-01-2014  City has a Business Improvement Area formed under the Parking and Business Improvement Area Law of 1989
 Collette's Children's Home
 07-01-2014  Expenditure of CDBG funds in accordance with Title 24
 Youth Employment Services of the Harbor Area
 07-01-2014  Expenditure of CDBG funds in accordance with Title 24
 Fatpot Technologies
 07-01-2014  Provide required software maintenance
 FTOG, Inc
 07-01-2014  Interim Buyer
 Mike Linares
 07-01-2014  Provide CDBG/Home Coordination services
 PTM Gen Eng (Proj 13-13)
 07-01-2014  Sunflower ave at Anton blvd Traffic Signal Modification Federal project no. HSIPL-5312, City Project 13-13
 Fair Housing Foundation
 07-01-2014  Community Development Block Grant Program
 Kabbara Engineering
 07-01-2014  Engineering for design of Arlington Dr. Biouswale and Dry Weather Diversion Project
 Lance, Soll, & Lunghard
 06-30-2014  Provide financial calculations relating to employment negotiations
 Michelle Rudaitis
 06-30-2014  Provide hazardous materials disclosure program coordination
 CAA Planning Consultants
 06-19-2014  Development of a 393-unit apartment project at 595 Anton Boulevard
 PTM Gen Engineering
 06-18-2014  Engineering services
 Patriot Paving
 06-17-2014  Construction work -City project no. 14-05
 Mig Hogle-Ireland, Inc (Amend 1)
 06-17-2014  Amend agreement
 Lonerock (Proj 14-08)
 06-17-2014  Construction of a detention/infiltration basin at Lions Park within the open space area adjacent to Anaheim Avenue
 Copp Contracting
 06-17-2014  The project is 2013-14 Community Development Block Grant
 Black Rock (Proj 14-06)
 06-17-2014  Rehabilitation of Alley Nos. 5, 51, 119, 124, and 125 City Project No. 14-06
 All American Asphalt
 06-17-2014  Harbor blvd improvements from South Coast Drive to Sunflower ave. - city project no. 14-07
 FCS  06-11-2014  Environmental-related support and consultation
 Allied Nationwide Security
 06-10-2014  Provide one unarmed security officer at the Costa Mesa Senior Center
 Q3 Engineers, Inc
 06-01-2014  Furnish engineering services for the design of security lighting at City parks
 Lilley Planning Group
 05-19-2014  Planning services
 Superior Paving Co.
 05-16-2014  Parking Lots Rehabilitation Project: Fire Station No. 5 (2450 Vanguard Way) and Canyon Park (970 Arbor Street)
 Mercy Housing Traditional Living Centers
 05-06-2014  CDBG funds
 Community SeniorServ, Inc (Home Delivered Meals)
 05-06-2014  CDBG funds
 Women's Transitional Living Center, Inc
 05-06-2014  Expenditure of CDBG funds in accordance with Title 24
 Council on Aging, Orange County
 05-06-2014  Expenditure of CDBG funds in accordance with Title 24
 IDS Group Inc
 05-06-2014  Architectural
 ProCare Work Injury Center
 05-01-2014  Medical services
 Clear Channel Outdoors
 04-02-2014  City desires to permit the construction and maintenance of said transit shelters subject to the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth
 Endemic Environmental Services
 04-01-2014  Environmental consulting services
 Smith Emery Laboratories
 03-21-2014  Provide on call geotechnical services
 Superior Pavement Markings (Amend 3)
 03-18-2014  Traffic striping and pavement marking services
 Horizons Construction
 03-18-2014  2013-2014 street rehabilitation project
 RJ Noble Company
 03-18-2014  2013-2014 street rehabilitation project
 CJ Concrete (13-19)
 03-18-2014  Removal and reconstruction of curb and gutter, spandrel, cross gutter and sidewalk, driveway approach
 CJ Concrete (13-18)
 03-18-2014  Removal and reconstruction of curb and gutter, spandrel cross gutter and sidewalk, driveway, driveway approach, catch basin
 GW Towing (Amend 1)
 03-04-2014  Towing services
 Endemic Environmental Services
 02-24-2014  Assistance in the preparation and handling of environmental documents for the construction of stairs at the south end of Canary Drive
 DDL Traffic
 02-18-2014  Installation of Emergency Vehicle Preemption (EVP) devices and related services
 Onward Engineering
 02-18-2014  On-site inspection and construction management services for various City's Capital Improvement Program Projects
 Keyser Marston (Amend 3)
 02-18-2014  Financial consulting services
 Civil Source
 02-18-2014  On-site inspection and construction management services for various City's Capital Improvement Program Projects
 Jordan Jim - snoopy display (Amend 2)
 02-14-2014  The City and Mr. Jordan entered into an agreement to bring Mr. Jordan's annual snoopy display
 GLP Engineering (Amend 1)
 02-04-2014  Professional electrical engineering services
 CNC Engineering
 02-04-2014  Engineering design services
 Onward Engineering
 02-04-2014  Engineering design services
 Scientia (Amend 1)
 02-03-2014  ON-site computer technology assistance
 Metropro Towing
 01-29-2014  Towing services
 Rodell R. Fick, ESQ
 01-10-2014  Preside as the Hearing Officer at Administrative Hearings of Civil Citations
 Onward Engineering
 01-07-2014  Public works inspection services
 NexLevel (1st Amend)
 01-07-2014  Interim Information Technology Director