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2015 City contracts

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 Landworks Development Services
 12-22-2015 Provide Architectural services
 Adminsure, Inc.
 12-18-2015  For Worker's Compensation Claims Administration
 Lilley Planning Group
 12-1-2015  Provide planning consulting services
 Accord Systems, LLC
Provide Affordable Care Act compliance tracking/reporting services
 Johnson Favaro LLP
Provide architectural services in connection with the construction of a new library and community center.
 Kitchell CEM, Inc.
Provide construction management services 
 Citygate Associates, LLC
 Provide consulting services for Fire Station 6 closure analysis
 Holiday Designs, Inc.
 11-15-2015  Provide consulting and construction management services for Snoopy House event
 Level 1 Community Association
 11-10-2015 Maintain median landscape adjacent to 1527 Newport Blvd.
 State of California Department of Transportation
 11-10-2015 For maintenance of landscaping within Caltrans' right-of-way on State Route-55
 CivilSource, Inc.
 11-04-2015  Capital Improvement Program Projects
 Black Rock Construction Company
 11-3-2015  For Project 15-13, Rehabilitation of Alley Nos. 46,81,89,91,93, and 94
 Endemic Environmental Services, Inc.
 Provide technical studies for Fairview Park
 Glenn Lukos Associates, Inc.
 10-30-2015  Perform biological studies for Fairview Park
 Environmental Science Associates
 10-30-2015  Prepare an Initial Studies/Mitigated Negative Declaration
 Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc. (Amend 3)
 10-30-2015  Provide consulting services
 Absolute Engineers Consulting, Inc.
10-29-2015  Provide engineering and and design services for an HVAC at Balearic Community Center
Veronica Tam and Associates, Inc. 10-29-2015 Assist staff with the 2013-2021 Housing Element
 Pyxis Water Systems, Inc. (Amend 2)
 10-22-2015  Provide preventative maintenance and service for Tewinkle Park Lakes
 McNabb Construction, Inc.
 10-20-2015  Fairview Park Cattail Removal Project 15-14
 Civil Source, Inc.
 10-20-2015  Perform engineering design services
Allied Nationwide Security Inc. (Amend 1) 10-15-2015 Provide one unarmed security officer at the Costa Mesa Senior Center
Thales Consulting Inc.
Prepare the city's financial transaction report and annual street report
Triton Technology Solutions, Inc 10-07-2015 Provide professional engineering services to upgrade the City's existing audio/video design and specifications in the City Council Chambers
Centro Evangelistico Vida Nueva 10-01-2015 Licensor is the owner of real property located at 695 w 19th Street
David Taussig & Associates, Inc.
Prepare a fee study for user fees and charges
Rodell R Fick (Amend 1) 10-01-2015 Amendment PSA with Rodell R. Fick, ESQ.
Scientia Consulting Group 10-30-2015 Contractor to provide on-site computer technology assistance
Michael Balliet (Amend 4) 09-30-2015 Administering and monitoring waste hauler operations
LSA Associates 09-16-2015 Contractor to perform parking study services
 RM Architecture
Provide architectural and engineering services for the remodel of the first floor for City Hall
 RM Architecture
 Provide architectural and engineering services for the remodel/upgrade of restrooms on the first floor City Hall
 Asakura Robinson, Inc.
 Provide professional landscape architectural services for the creation of an outdoor meeting space
Moore Iacofano Goltsman, Inc.
Professional services agreement
First Carbon Solutions (Amend 1) 09-08-2015 Amendment PSA with First Carbon Solutions
HYM Engineering, Inc.
Construction work Del mar Avenue Median Improvements from North Bound Newport Boulevard to 300 feet East
Pro Forma Advisors, LLC 08-31-2015 Perform lease agreement monitoring services
City of Huntington Beach 08-24-2015 Public safety helicopter support between City of Huntington Beach and City of Costa Mesa
AmeriNational Community Services (SF) Amend 1 08-14-2015 SF Rehabilitation Program
AmeriNational Community Services (FTHB) Amend 1 08-14-2015 First Time Home Buyer (FTHB)
Major League Softball, Inc 08-10-2015 Operating Service Agreement
Spinitar Presentation Products, Inc. 08-03-2015 Provide professional maintenance and repair services for audio/video presentation equipment and systems
David Taussig & Associates, Inc. 08-01-2015 Prepare park facilities residential impact fee study
Ware Disposal Company, Inc 08-01-2015 Solid waste collection service at city facilities
WLC Architects, Inc. 07-21-2015 Professional engineering services for the design of fire station #1
St. George Construction, Inc 07-21-2015 Construction work for Fire Station No. 4 project 15-10
KOA Construction, Inc. 07-21-2015 Engineering design services
Care Ambulance Service, Inc 07-21-2015 Contractor to provide Basic Life Support
REFS Inc 07-10-2015 Provide and conduct non-judicial foreclosure services
Lance, SOLL & Lundghard LLP 07-07-2015 Professional services for COIN fiscal analysis
American Asphalt South (Proj 15-06) 07-07-2015 Slurry seal pavement coating the replacement of traffic markings, striping, and traffic control 
Dougherty Architects 07-02-2015 Contractor to provide architectural and interior design services
 Community SeniorServe, Inc.
 07-01-2015  Provide home delivery of food
 Community SeniorServe, Inc.
 07-01-2015  Nutritional lunchtime meals provided at the Costa Mesa Senior Center
 Youth Employment Services
Provide pre-employment and personal finance skills training
 Colette's Children Home
 07-01-2015  Provide transitional housing to Costa Mesa homeless women and children
 Elwyn California
 Provide range of employment services to assist adults with developmental disabilities
 Fair Housing Foundation
 07-01-2015  Provide comprehensive fair housing services
 Families Forward
 07-01-2015  Fund staff salaries for the Housing Program Manager and Case Manager
Working Wardrobes for a New Start
 07-01-2015  Provide career development services
NMUSD (School Resource Officer) 07-01-2015 Participate in the School Resource Officer Program
Fire Information Support Services 07-01-2015 Provide certain fire information support consultant services
Cost Recovery Systems, Inc. 07-01-2015 Provide SB 90 claims administration
Centro Evangelistico Vida Nueva 07-01-2015 Licensors owns and operates the Property for the benefit fo the City's senior population
Redemption Church 07-01-2015 Licensors owns and operates the Property for the benefit of the City's senior population
Americanation al Community Services (Single Family Loan) 07-01-2015 Rehabilitation program
Amerination al Community Services (First time homebuyer loan) 07-01-2015 Professional services agreement
Mercy House 07-01-2015 Independent contractor/Outreach Worker from Consultant's Homeless Outreach Team to link the Costa Mesa Homeless Residents
Nationwide Financial Services, Inc. 07-01-2015 Administrative services agreement
Mike Linares (1st Amend) 07-01-2015 Provide CDBG/Home Coordination Services
HEROES Hall Veterans Foundation 06-30-2015 One-time grant to assist with the development and construction of museum that will honor all Orange County Veterans
Unique Performance Construction 06-29-2015 Bus shelters and decorative PCC sidewalk
Keyser Marston Associates, Inc (Amend #4) 06-16-2015 Financial consulting services
Melad Associates (Amend 3) 06-16-2015 Provide plan checking and inspection services
Scott Fazekas & Associates, Inc. (Amend 3) 06-16-2015 Provide plan checking and inspection services
Bureau Veritas (Amend 3) 06-16-2015 Provide plan check and inspection services
Interwest Consulting Group (Amend 3) 06-16-2015 Provide plan checking and inspection services
CSG Consulting (Amend 3) 06-16-2015 Provide plan checking and inspection services on an as-needed basis to support new large development projects and special programs in the City
R.J. Noble Company 06-16-2015 Street rehabilitation project no. 15-05
AP Triton 06-15-2015 Develop a feasibility study delineating the various options for providing ambulance services for area services by the City
Cleanstreet (Amend 1) 06-15-2015 Provision of street sweeping services
Davis-Farr LLP
Transient occupancy tax audit services
Trauma Intervention Program
06-01-2015 Emotional and practical support services to victims of traumatic events and their families
NMUSD (Sports Facility) Vasa Swim
Sports facility improvements
NMUSD (Sports Facility) Magnus Ball Carts
Sports facility improvements
NMUSD (Sports Facility) Big Bubba
Sports facility improvements
NMUSD (Sports Facility) Waterboy
Sports facility improvements

NMUSD (Sports Facility) Vball

Sports facility improvements
NMUSD (Sports Facility) Fencing
Sports facility improvements
Gen Auction Co 05-19-2015 Contractor to provide ongoing auction services
AKAL Consultants 05-08-2015 Perform Caltrans Environmental Study E76 Preparation
Albert Grover & Associates 05-06-2015 Provide traffic signal engineering services
Council on Aging Orange County 05-05-2015 The City as Grantee under the Community Development Block Grant Program
Mercy House Transitional Living Center 05-05-2015  The City as Grantee under the Community Development Block Grant Program
Youth Employment Services of the Harbor Area Inc. 05-05-2015 The city as Grantee under the Community Development Block Grant Program
Mika Community Development Corporation 05-05-2015 The city as Grantee under the Community Development Block Grant Program
Global Power Group (Proj 15-01) 05-05-2015 Westside neighborhood parkway concrete repair project
Provide consulting services for purchasing performance
Michael Balliet Consulting 05-01-2015 Perform audit services for waste hauler franchise fees
AA Architectural Interior Planning & Design 04-16-2015 Provide access compliance services
AMEC 04-01-2015
Inspect the City's industrial and commercial facilities for compliance with Orange County's MS4 permit
Graphic Solutions 04-01-2015 Design services to develop a city-wide wayfinding sign program
Gen Data 04-01-2015 On-site printer service
Meyers Nave 03-31-2015 Budget Addendum for Fairview Park
CNC Engineering, Inc 03-30-2015 Provide engineering design and Caltrans permit approval services
David Volz
Design the Harbor Boulevard beautification project
Synoptek 03-25-2015 Provide assistance with CAD/RMS implementation and facilitation of resolution with SunGard
CA Forensic Phlebotomy (Amend 2) 03-25-2015 Blood sample collections
OC Sherif Dept Coroner Division 03-18-2015 Operation, maintenance and financial management
RJM Design 03-17-2015 Provide master planning services
Miracle Mile Properties & First Carbon Solutions 03-03-2015 Prepare environmental analysis for a 216-unit apartment project at 2277 Harbor blvd
Amtech Elevators (Amend 1) 03-01-2015 Elevator maintenance services
Clean Street 03-01-2015 Perform street sweeping services
Complete Landscape Care Inc
Provide landscape maintenance services
Siemens Industry Inc 03-01-2015 Traffic signal maintenance services
MetroPro Towing (2nd Amend) 02-27-2015 Extending contract for towing services
G&W Towing (2nd Amend) 02-27-2015 Extending contract for towing services
IDS Group (Amend 1) 02-27-2015 Architectural and engineering design services
CJ Construction (Proj 14-12) 02-28-2015 Citywide parkway concrete repair and new sidewalk project
Western Transit Systems (Amend 2) 02-21-2015  Provide Transportation Services for Seniors
White Nelson (Amend 1) 02-17-2015 To provide auditing services
Kabbara Engineering 02-01-2015 Traffic engineering consultant services
Johnson Favaro 02-01-2015 Architectural planning and design services
Ca Forensic Phlebotomy 01-25-2015 Perform blood sample collections
OC Humane 01-21-2015 Animal shelter services
FTOG Inc. 01-14-2015 Interim Buyer for City
Bucknam Infrastructure 01-06-2015 Engineering services to update the city's pavement management program
GeoScience Analytical 01-05-2015 Peer review services of human health risk assessment and vapor barrier mitigation plans