2018 City contracts

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Contract  Date Approved   Description
 The Regents of the University of California  12-19-18 Affiliation Agreement Paramedic Program - an emergency medical services provider 
 Pyxis Water Systems  12-18-18  Amend 3 to Maintenance Svcs Agreement to provide maintenance of City property.
 Playcore Wisconsin dba Game Time  12-17-18  Public Works Agreement to install new playground equipment 
 Black,O'Dowd & Assoc. DBA:BOA Architecture  12-17-18  PSA to provide architectural and engineering services to remodel and upgrade restrooms and community room located 1st floor City Hall
Black,O'Dowd & Assoc. DBA: Boa Architecture  12-17-18  PSA to provide architectural services for remodel of the City Council chambers
 David Volz Design   12-17-18  Provide concept development services for playground improvements at Lions Park
 Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.  12-15-18  Amend 6 to provide community improvement services
 Tandus Centiva US LLC  12-10-18 Public Work Agreement to install carpet on the 2nd and 5th floor of city hall.
 HR Green Pacific , Inc.  12-5-18  PSA to provide plan check and permit processing services
 ACCOC - Affiliation of Cities - OC  12-5-18  Agreement for Professional Services 
 Arts Orange County  12-4-18  To develop an Arts and Culture Master plan for the City.
 Alfaro Communications Construction, Inc.  12-04-18  Public Work Agreement to provide labor and materials in connection with the Sunflower Avenue Traffic Signal Interconnect Conduit . City Project No. 18-07 
 Davis Farr LLP   12-01-18  PSA to transient occupancy services
 Accord Systems, LLC  11-30-18  Amendment 2 to PSA for Consulting on Affordable Care Act compliance tracking and reporting 
 Siemens Mobility, Inc.  11-27-18  Provide traffic signal maintenance services
 Trueline Construction & Surfacing  11-15-18  Public Works Agreement to resurface 8 tennis courts at the Costa Mesa Tennis center
 CivicStone, LLC.  11-13-18  Amend 1 to PSA to provide affordable housing consulting  services
 S&H Civilworks  11-13-18  Public Works Agreement to provide labor and materials for reconstruction. Project #18-12
 Western A/V 11-13-18  To install a complete audio/visual system at the Lions Park library
Dennis Grubb & Associates LLC  11-07-18  PSA to provide plan review for the Fire Department
 IBI Group  11-05-18  PSA to conduct a parking study for the proposed development at 150 Paularino Avenue
 NV5, Inc.  11-1-2018  PSA to provide Water Quality Management Plan/National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
 McNabb Construction, Inc. dba DK Environmental   11-01-18  PSA to provide maintenance at the Fairview Park wetlands.
 Veronica Tam & Associates, Inc.  10-31-18  Amend 2 to assist with the 2013-2021 Housing Element
 PYXIS Water Systems, Inc.  10-20-18  Amend 2 to provide maintenance of City property
 Bucknam Infrastructure Group  10-16-18 Amend 1 to provide engineering svcs. to update the city's pavement mgmt. program
 Brightview Landscape Services  10-16-18  Amend 3 to provide park and landscape maintenance 
 Yakar  10-16-18  to provide labor and materials for the construction of landscape medians on Harbor blvd
 Kitchell CEM, Inc.  10-16-18  Amend 1 to PSA (Original filed 12-1-15)
Hinderliter, de Llamas & Associates  10-16-18  Agreement for Sales, Use, and Transactions Tax Audit and Information Services 
 Triton Technology Solutions, Inc.  10-15-18  PSA to provide design review services.
 Matrix Consulting Group  10-15-18  Amend 1 (Original filed 2-22-16) provide independent auditor services
 Chandler Asset Management  10-11-18  PSA
 Rosell Surveying & Mapping, Inc.  10-10-18  PSA to provide surveying services on as-needed basis
 AESCO, Inc.  10-10-18  PSA to provide materials testing service as-needed basis.
 Adlerhorst International, LLC  10-10-18  PSA to provide canine and handler training services
Triton Technology Solutions, Inc, - Amend 1  10-7-18  Amend 1 to PSA (Original file 10-7-15) 
 David Volz Design Landscape Architects, Inc.  10-04-18  PSA to provide architectural design services for improvements to Jack Hammett Sports Complex
 Priceless Pet Rescue  10-1-2018  Amend 2 to provide Animal Adoption Services 
 Dudek  10-02-18  PSA to perform a comprehensive evaluation of the Fairview Park Wetland and Riparian Habitat project
 Endemic Environmental Services  10-02-18  PSA Amend 1(Original on 4-4-17) to provide biological, management and maintenance services 
 Overland, Pacific & Cutler , LLC  10-1-2018  PSA to provide relocation and consulting on as-needed basis.
 Penhall Company   10-1-2018  PSA Amend 2 to provide maintenance of city property
 CleanStreet  10-1-2018  PSA Amend 3 to provide pressure washing and sweeping and debris removal
 LSA Associates  10-1-2018  Professional Services Agreement to prepare an environmental Impact Report 
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.  9-30-2018  To provide insurance brokerage services 
 Jason Addison Smith Consulting dba JAS   9-30-2018  Amend 1 to PSA for inspection services
 The Code Group, Inc. dba VCACode  9-30-2018  Amend 1 To provide inspection services
 Safebuilt, LLC.  9-30-18  Amend 1 tp provide inspection services
 Bureau Veritas North America - Amend 1  9-30-18  Amend 1 to PSA 9Original file 10-1-17)
Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.  9-30-18  Amend 1 to PSA (Original File on 10-1-17) to provide inspection services on as-needed basis for the Development Services Department, Building division.
 West Coast Arborists  9-30-2018  Provide Tree maintenance 
 David Taussig & Assoc.  9-30-2018  Prepare a fee study for user fees and charges
 MV Cheng & Associates Inc.  9-21-2018  To provide accounting services
 Jones & Mayer   9-18-2018  To provide legal services
 Newport Bay Watershed  9-14-2018  Cooperative Agreement to fund total max. load programs and related activities in the Newport Bay Watershed
 Orange County Model Engineers (OCME)  9-10-2018  License Agreement for 2501 Placentia and all appurtenances thereon known as Fairview Park
 LSA Associates, Inc.  9-10-2018  Traffic Study
 CivicStone, LLC.  9-10-2018  Provide affordable Housing consulting services
 Sagecrest Planning and Environmental  9-4-2018  Provide Planning Services
 Bureau Veritas North America, Inc.- Amend 2  9-1-2018  Amend 2 to PSA (Original 9-5-17)
 John Addison Smith Consulting Services dba JAS  9-1-2018  Amend 2 ot PSA (Original file 9-5-17)
 The Code Group,Inc dba VCA Code  9-1-2018  PSA Amend 2 
 Melad and Associates, Inc.  9-1-2018  PSA Amend 2 to provide plan check and permit processing
 Scott Fazekas & Asociates, Inc. (Amend 2 - 9-5-17)  9-1-2018  PSA Amend 2 to provide plan check and permit processing services
 Jeanelle Heaston dba Permit Management Solutions  9-1-2018  PSA Amend 2 to provide plan check and permit processing services
 Interwest Consulting Group  9-1-2018  PSA Amend 2  to provide plan check and/or permit technician services for Development Services Dept,, Building Division
 Management Partners  9-1-2018  Provide consulting services and facilitate workshops for City Council and Members of the City Executive team
 MPS - 4th Amendment  9-1-2018  Provide development-related project management
 Rodell Fick, ESQ.  9-1-2018  Preside as the Hearing Officer at Administrative Hearings
 Show Development West, Inc.  8-31-2018 Amend 1 to provide lighting and decorating for the Snoopy House holiday event at City Hall. 
 Albert Grover & Associates, Inc.  8-29-2018  Design Traffic signal intersection of Baker & Randolph
 Major League Softball  8-26-2018  Provide services relating  to the City's Adult Softball program 
 Albert A. Webb Associates  8-20-2018  Traffic Engineering Services
 BrightView Landscape Svcs  8-20-2018  Maintenance Service Agreement to provide park and maintenance services on City property
 RK Engineering Group, Inc.  8-20-2018  Traffic Engineering services on as-needed basis
 Albert Grover & Associates  8-20-2018 Traffic Engineering Services for as-needed basis
 Johnson Controls Fire Protection  8-17-2018  Project 18-13 
 AAHK,Inc. - DBA Akal Consultants  8-17-2018  Provide consulting services on as-needed basis for capital improvement projects receiving federal funding
 Optima RPM  8-7-2018  Construct the public work and improvements on Council Chambers  and new control room A/V
 All City Management Services, Inc.  8-7-2018  Provide Crossing Guard Services
 CARE Ambulance Services  8-1-2018  Provide ambulance operator services
 Stantec Consulting services  8-1-2018  Consulting services for Traffic Analysis of Residential overlay
 Wittman Enterprises, LLC.  8-1-2018  Provide Ambulance billing services
 Westnet, Inc.  8-1-2018  Install and maintain Fire Station Alerting Systems
Presentation Products, Inc. DBA Spinitar  8-1-2018  Provide maintenance and repair services for audio/video presentation 
 F.M. Thomas Air Conditioning, Inc.  7-31-2018  HVAC maintenance and repair services
 Ware Disposal, Inc..  7-31-2018  Solid waste collection services.
 Tillmann Fprensic Investigation, LLC   7-31-2018  To provide latent fingerprint examination and verification services.
 Newport-Mesa U.S.D.   7-30-2018  Grant Agreement for Costa Mesa Elementary Basketball Courts and Musical Instruments 

 Johnson Favaro, LLP

(Amend 1)

 7-30-2018  Architectural services for New library and community center.

 Michael Balliet - PSA

(Amend 2)

 7-30-2018  Solid Waste and recycling consulting services.
GHD Inc.  7-25-2018 Provide engineering services for Merrimac Way Bicycle Facility project 
 KOA Corporation   7-20-2018  Amendment one to PSA for th edesign of th eWest 19th street bicycle trail project
 Copp Contracting, Inc.  7-17-2018  Removal and reconstruction of pavement, storm basin and pipe, utility adjustments, traffic control, and replacement of lane markings, stop bars, legends, traffic  loops, and raised markers.
 NV5  7-17-2018  Professional engineering services for city wide capital improvement projects
 KeyCode Media  - PSA  7-17-2018  City Hall Audio Visual and Broadcast Production system. Project #18-05
 Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.   7-17-2018 Engineering staff support for Transportation services
T.J. Janca Construction, Inc 7-16-2018 Playground surface replacement at various City parks
Chandler Commercial Services - Amend 3 7-11-2018  Consulting
 Benefit Funding Services Group (BFSG)  7-01-2018  Provide deferred compensation plan consulting services
 Lance, Soll & Lunghard  7-01-2018  Provide Civic Openness in Negotiations to provide financial calculations relating to employment negotiations 
Youth Employment Svc, Harbor Area, Inc.  7-01-2018  CDBG
 Council on Aging  7-01-2018  CDBG
 Community Seniorserv  7-01-2018  CDBG
 Youth Employment Svc, Harbor Area  7-01-2018 CDBG  
 Fair Housing Foundation  7-01-2018  CDBG
 Families Forward, Inc.  7-01-2018  CDBG
 Second Chance Orange County  7-01-2018  CDBG
 Council on Aging  7-01-2018  CDBG 
 Mercy House Living Centers, Rental Asst.  7-01-2018  CDBG for viable urban communities
 Mercy House Living Centers, Rapid Rehousing  7-01-2018  CDBG 
 Newport-Mesa USD - Officer Program  7-01-2018  Agreement - School Resource officer program
 West Coast Arborists  7-01-2018  Provide tree maintenance services 
 AmeriNational Community Services - Rehab (Amend 4) 7-01-2018  Financial services to city's single-family rehabilitation deferred payment loan program
 ThyssenKrupp Elevator Corporation  6-30-2018  Maintenance Agreement - Amend Three - Protection of vertical transportation equipment   
AmeriNational Community Services - Housing (Amend 4)   7-01-2018 Financial services to loan processing for First Time Homebuyer (FTHB)
 Rudaitis, Michelle (Amend 1)  6-30-2018  Hazardous materials disclosure program coordination 
Cost Recovery Systems, Inc. Amend 2 6-30-2018 Consulting - Amend 2
 Mercy House Living Centers - Homeless outreach  6-30-2018  Amend 3 to PSA for consulting services to provide for homeless outreach services.
Trellis International 6-30-2018 Provide after-hours homeless outreach services
Fire Information Support Services, Inc. (Amend 1)  6-30-2018 Provide fire information support consulting services 
Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. (Amend 2) 6-30-2018 Provide community improvement consulting services
RK Engineering Group, Inc. 6-28-2018 Use services to conduct engineering and traffic study
FirstCarbon Solutions Corporation (Amend 2)  6-27-2018  Prep initial/mitigated negative declaration for the Vanguard University Campus Master Plan 
G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.  6-26-2018 Provide jail services at the City's Type I Jail Facility 
Keystone Uniforms OC (Amend 4) 6-25-2018 To purchase City staff uniforms
Michael Balliet Consulting, LLC (Amend 1) 6-18-2018 Provide solid waste and recycling services
Second Chance Orange County 6-15-2018 Provide outreach services to individuals in Costa Mesa
Josh Vesque Electric 6-14-2018 Use services to perform improvements
 City of Newport Beach 6-8-2018  Cooperative Agreement to rehabilitate 16th st from Irvine to Santiago
Irvine Avenue Pavement Rehabilitation 6-08-2018 Rehab Irvine Avenue from 16th Street to Santiago Drive within Newport Beach and Costa Mesa
OC Fair 32nd District Agricultural Association 6-07-2018 Provide and coordinate traffic management services during the 2018 OC Fair
Stantec Consulting Services Inc 6-06-2018 Provide engineering services for safety improvements on Fairview Road
DBA Newport Center Animal Hospital 6-05-2018 Provide animal shelter services
 Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.  6-1-2018  PSA Amend 4 to provide management staff within Public Services Dept.
 OC FairGrounds - 32nd District Agricult. Assoc.  6-1-2018  Costa Mesa Police to provide and coordinate traffic management services during designated year-round Events for the OC Fair & Even Center
IBI Group PSA 6-01-2018 Parking study for South Bristol entertainment & Cultural Arts (SoBECA) Urban Plan Area 
 FirstCarbon Solutions Corporation (Amend 1)  5-30-2018 Prep initial/mitigated negative declaration for the Vanguard University Campus Master Plan 
MPS Consulting (Amend 3) 5-21-2018 Provide development-related project management assistance
Mike Linares, INC. 5-15-2018 Provide CDBG/home coordinator services
 CleanStreet 5-01-2018  Provide maintenance of City Property
Sagecrest Planning and Environmental, LLC (Amend 1) 5-01-2018 Provide planning services  
Michael Balliet Consulting, LLC  5-01-2018 Amend 3 to provide solid waste and recycling consulting services
Michael Balliet Consulting, LLC 5-01-2018 Perform waste hauler auditing services
Davis Farr LLP  5-01-2018  Provide auditing services 
Hinderliter, De Llamas & Associates  4-25-2018 Provide cannabis consulting services 
Keystone Uniforms OC (Amend 2)  4-23-2018  To purchase City staff uniforms 
West Coast Arborists, Inc. (Amend 4)  4-20-2018  Provide tree maintenance services 
STC One LLC (Amend 1)  4-18-2018 Golf Course Crown Castle Agreement 
JAS Pacific (Amend 1) 4-17-2018 Provide plan check & permit processing services
Bureau Veritas North America, Inc. (Amend 1)  4-17-2018  Plan check and permit processing services 
Interwest Consulting Group Inc. (Amend 1)  4-17-2018  Plan check and permit processing services 
Jeanelle Heaston dba Permit Management Solutions (Amend 1)  4-17-2018  Plan check and permit processing services 
Melad and Associates, Inc. (Amend 1)  4-17-2018  Plan check and permit processing services 
Scott Fazekas & Associates, Inc. (Amend 1)  4-17-2018  Plan check and permit processing services 
The Code Group, Inc. dba VCA Code (Amend 1)  4-17-2018  Plan check and permit processing services 
Pyxis Water Systems, Inc. (Amend 1)  4-12-2018  Provide maintenance of City property 
Orange County Conservation Corps 4-09-2018 Provides park maintenance and infrastructure projects
Hinderliter, de Llamas & Associates (Amend 2)  4-09-2018  Provide sales tax auditing services 
 ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers  4-03-2018  Develop traffic signal infrastructure and timing improvements for Fairview Road
 Graphic Solutions, LTD  4-02-2018  PSA to provide design services to develop a "wayfinding" sign program for the City.
AdminSure, Inc.  4-01-2018  Third party worker's compensation claims administrative services 
Procure America, Inc.  4-01-2018  Provide cost reduction consulting services 
 City of Santa Ana  (UASI)  3-28-2018

 Agreement for transfer or purchase of equipment/services for reimbursement of training costs

Keller/Anderle LLC 3-26-2018  Consultant
County of Orange  3-20-2018 County of Orange Agreement 
CleanStreet  3-20-2018  Provide maintenance of City Property 
Townsend Public Affairs, Inc. (Amend 1)  3-20-2018  Provide grant writing consulting services 
TRC Solutions, Inc. (Amend 1)  3-20-2018  Design of security camera systems at various City facilities 
VincentBenjamin Group, LLC  3-19-2018  Provide temporary staffing services 
Trellis International 3-12-2018 After-hours homeless outreach services
All American Ashphalt  3-08-2018 Project No. 1802. Pomona Ave pavement rehabilitation from 18th to 19th st
Barr & Clark (Amend 2)  3-01-2018  Lead-based paint inspection services 
BrightView Landscape Services, Inc. (Amend 1)  2-20-2018  Provide park and landscape maintenance services 
R.H.F., Inc. (Amend 2)  2-16-2018  Radar and laser repair and recertification servies 
LG2WB Engineers, Inc. dba Linscott, Law & Greenspan Engineers  2-12-2018  To provide traffic engineering consulting services 
R Dependable Const Inc. 2-06-2018  Costa Mesa Senior Center ADA restroom improvements
CoreLogic Solutions, LLC  2-07-2018  Statement of work 
Air Exchange, Inc 2-02-2018 Install Plymovent vehicle removal systems at Fire Station #2,3,4,5 and 6
Stantec Consulting Services Inc. (Amend 1)  2-01-2018  Provide traffic impact fee consulting services 
ThirdWave Corporation  2-01-2018  Develop an information Technology Strategic Plan 
Payomkawichum Kaamalam Juaneno Band of Mission Indians, Acjachemen 2-01-2018 Provides Native American Monitoring Services for projects in culturally significant sites
Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth, PC (Amend 4)  1-31-2018  Provide special counsel legal services 
 R.E. Schultz Construction, Inc. 1-30-2018 Outdoor patio installation at the Costa Mesa Senior Center
California Forensic Phlebotomy, Inc. (Amend 5)  1-25-2018  Perform blood sample collections 
Cron & Associates Transcription, Inc. (Amend 2)  1-22-2018  Provide transcribing and translating services for the Police Department 
Priceless Pet Rescue, Corp.  1-22-2018  Provide animal adoption services 
Stantec Consulting Services Inc. (Amend 1)  1-22-2018  Update the City's Bicycle Master Plan 
NCAH, Inc. DBA Newport Center Animal Hospital  1-21-2018  Provide animal shelter services 
Amerinat Community Services, LLC and Farmers State Bank of Hartland  1-18-2018  CalHome Program 
STC One LLC 1-17-2018 Shiffer Park - Crown Castle
Albert Grover & Associates, Inc.  1-16-2018  Provide traffic engineering consulting services 
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (Amend 5)  1-16-2018  Community improvement consulting services 
RJM Design Group, Inc (Amend 1)  1-16-2018  Provide traffic engineering consulting services 
RK Engineering Group, Inc.  1-16-2018  Provide traffic engineering consulting services 
W.G. Zimmerman Engineering, Inc.  1-16-2018  Traffic engineering consulting services 
SoftResources, LLC (Amend 1)  1-15-2018  Project management services for software replacement 

Issam Shahrouri 

1-12-2018  Queuing and data management software system 
Albert Grover & Associates, Inc.
1-03-2018  Provide traffic and transportation engineering consulting services 
Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.  1-03-2018  Provide consulting services in connection with the I-405 Improvement Project 
Air Exchange, Inc.  1-02-2018  Install Plymovent vehicle exhaust removal systems 
CivilSource, Inc. (Amend 2) 1-02-2018  Provide staff support for various park projects 
CleanStreet (Amend 2)  1-02-2018  To provide street sweeping services 
David Volz Design Landscape Architects, Inc.  1-01-2018  Provide design services for improvements at the Jack Hammett Sports Complex 
Redemption Community Church  1-01-2018  For use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center