2019 City contracts

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 Contract  Date Approved  Description
 City of Santa Ana - Coop. Agreement. - MacArthur Rehab   7-2-19  Cooperative Agreement between City of Santa Ana for the pavement Rehabilitation of MacArthur Blvd from Santa Ana River to Harbor Blvd. 
 Lyons Security Services, Inc.  7-1-19 PSA to provide Unarmed Security Guard Services.
 California forensic Phlebotomy, Inc.  7-1-19  To provide blood withdraw testing services.
 Veronica Tam & Associates  7-1-19  PSA to assist with the preparation of the 2020-2025 consolidation plan.
 Mike Linares, Inc.  7-1-19  PSA 
 Redemption Church  6-30-19  Amend 1 to Lease Agreement
 Keyser Marston Associates, Inc.  6-30-19  Amend 3 to provide Consulting Services.
 Fire Information Support Services, Inc.  6-30-19  PSA to provide Fire Information Support Consulting Services 
 Centro Evangelistico Vida Nueve  6-30-19  Amend 1to Facility License Agreement
 Cost Recovery Systems, Inc.  6-30-19  Amendment 3 to PSA to provide SB 90 claim administration services.
 JAMS  6-28-19  PSA to provide Neutrals to act as Hearing Officers for the Director of Economic and Development Services.
OCTA - I-405   6-20-19  Amend 1 to Cooperative Agreement
 Keystone Uniforms, Inc.  6-18-19  Amend 5 to PSA for the purchase of City Staff Uniforms
 First Carbon Solutions  6-18-19  Provide Environmental Consulting Services.
 ECorp Consulting, Inc.  6-18-19  PSA to prepare California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation for the Vans Building Expansion project located at 1588 South Coast Drive.
 Interwest Consulting Group  6-4-19  Amend 2 to PSA  to provide engineering staff support services to the Transportation services division.
 MV Cheng & Associates, Inc.  6-4-19  Amend One to PSA to provide accounting services.
 BFK Engineers  6-4-19  PSA to provide public outreach and engineering services in connection with the Paularino Channel Multipurpose Trail Project
 32nd District Agricultural Association - Year-Round  6-1-19  Standard Agreement
 32nd District Agricultural Association - OC Fair  6-1-19  Standard Agreement
 Black, O'Dowd & Assoc. dba BOA Architects  6-1-19  PSA to provide architecture and engineering services in connection with Phase 1 of the interior improvements to the City Hall break room and Finance and I.T. Departments.
 MetrorPro Towing  6-1-19  Amend 1 to PSA to perform towing services
 G&W Towing, Inc  6-1-19  Amend 2 to PSA to provide towing services.
 Psomas  5-30-19  PSA to prepare California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) documentation for the amended Former LA Times Site Project located at 1375 Sunflower Avenue,
 Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.  5-22-19  PSA to conduct a peer review of the environmental site assessment report prepared for the property located at 585 Anton Blvd.
 Environmental Science Associates  5-22-19  Initial study/mitigated Negative Declaration in connection with the English First International Language Campus Project at 3150 Bear Street 
 Clean Street  5-21-19  Amend 3 to permit Consultant to lease space at City's Corporation Yard to store equipment used in connection with Consultant's services.
 Lori Ann Farrell Harrison  5-119  Agreement for Employment as City Manager
 Eckersall, LLC.  5-1-19  Amend 2 to PSA to provide GIS
 Tyler Technologies aka SOCRATA, Inc.  4-30-19  Amend 1 to Service Agreement
 Johnson Favaro, Inc.  4-26-19  Amend 3 to PSA to provide architectural services in connection with the construction of a new library and community center 
 Hinderliter, DeLlamas & Assoc.  4-24-19  Amend 1 to PSA to provide consulting regarding cannabis
 OCC Builders Inc.  4-22-19  Public Works Agreement to install 2 ADA compliant ramps, viewing windows and glass doors
 Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc.  4-22-19  Agreement to provide a range of emotional and practical support services to victims of traumatic events and their families.
 Johnson Controls Fire Protection  4-18-19  Maintenance Services Agreement to provide maintenance of City property
 Priceless Puppy Rescue under NCAH dba Newport Center animal hospital  4-16-19  Amend 3 to PSA to provide Animal adoption services
 NCAH - Newport Center Animal Hospital  4-16-19  Amend 2 to provide animal shelter services
Onward Engineering
 4-16-19  Design engineering services in connection with the Newport Boulevard Widening Project
Orange County Sanitary District  4-16-19  Site Access and License Agreement
 Glenn Lukos & Associates, Inc.  4-15-19  Amend 1 to perform biological services for the Fairview Park vernal pools 
 Superior Pavement Markings, Inc.  4-5-19  Amend 1 to provide street striping and thermoplastic.
 Black Rock Construction Company  4-2-19  Public Works Agreement to construct sidewalks, asphalt, etc.
 SoCal Community Arts & Festivals, Inc.  4-1-19  License Agreement for property at 1855 Park Ave
 Atlas Planning Solutions  4-1-19  PSA to provide consulting services for the update of City's ER Operations Plan
 AIMTD, LLC  4-1-19  PSA to provide traffic data collection services
 Everbridge  4-1-19  Quote #Q-22269 for Police department
 LSA Associates , Inc.  3-26-19  PSA to perform traffic study
 AESCO, Inc.  3-26-19  Amend 1 to PSA to provide street striping and thermoplastic
 KOA  3-21-19  PSA to provide engineering and design services in connection with public improvements to Adams Ave
 Power Plus LLC  3-20-19  PSA to install temporary power equipment for the modular units at temporary bridge shelter
 Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.  3-20-19  PSA 
 Michael Baker International, Inc.  3-19-19  PSA to provide environmental services in connection with the One Metro West project,
 Sagecrest Planning and Environmental, LLC.  3-19-19  Amend 3 to PSA to provide planning services
 L. Carolyn McDemas  3-19-19  Donor Agreement - donation of Lobby Work of Art
Civicstone, LLC  3-19-19  Amend 2 to provide affordable housing consulting services
 Michael Baker international, Inc.  3-18-19  PSA to provide environmental consulting services to for automobile storage at 975 W. 18th street.
 City of Santa Ana - Cooperative Agreement for Harbor Blvd. Corridor  3-18-19  Cooperative Agreement for Harbor Blvd. Corridor Traffic Signal Synchronization Project. No. A-2015-003
 CJ Concrete Construction, Inc.  3-18-19  Public Works Agreement to remove and replace curbs and gutter
 ECorp Consulting, Inc.  3-18-19  PSA to provide environmental consulting services.
 Clear Channel Outdoor, Inc.  3-18-19  Amend 2 to the Finance Agreement to construct, install, operate and maintain bus shelters and bus benches.
 Brightview Landscape Services  3-15-19  Public Works Agreement to construct parkways surrounding the Luke Davis Field
 First Carbon Solutions Corporation  3-13-19  PSA to provide environmental consulting services
 County of Orange-Joint Exercise  3-12-19  Joint Exercise of Powers Agreement
Donald Dugan Library (Lions Park Library)- County of Orange  3-12-19  Lease agreement 
 Temporary Bridge Shelter  3-5-19  Lease Agreement - Sleeping Facility 
 AAHK dba AKAL Consultants  3-5-19  Amend 1 to PSA to provide consulting services for capital improvements projects
 Black Rock Construction  3-5-19  Public Works Agreement to construct the public work and improvements of 5 alleys.
 Shaw HR Consulting, Inc.  3-1-19  To provide Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance services
 Transtech Engineers, Inc.  3-1-19  PSA to provide construction management and inspection services
 Temporary Bridge Shelter  3-1-19  Lease Agreement - Restroom Facilities  
 R.H.F., Inc. 3-1-19   To provide radar and laser repair and recertification services
Tom Banks dba CM/CE Consulting  3-1-19  PSA to provide Project Management Services 
 Protiviti Government Svc  2-28-19  PSA to provide staff support services for IT
 Barr & Clark, Inc.  2-28-19  Amend 3 to PSA to provide lead-based paint inspection services.
 Granicus, Inc.  2-27-19  Amend 1 to PSA to provide Website development and content mgmt. services
 DDL Traffic, Inc.  2-19-19  Public Works Agreement to install GPS ER Vehicle 
Everett Dorey LLP - 2-19-2019  2-19-19  PSA to provide legal services
 Interwest Consulting Group, Inc,  2-15-19  Amend 1 to PSA to provide engineering staff support services to the Transportation Department
 Alfaro Communications  Construction, Inc.  2-7-19  Amend 1 to PSA to provide labor and materials in connection with the Sunflower Traffic Signal. project 18-07
 Mercy House - Shelter Operator  2-5-19  PSA to provide shelter operator services for the City's 50 bed homeless shelter.
 David Volz Design Landscape Architects  2-5-19  Amend 1 to PSA to provide concept development for playground improvements at Lion Park
 Cron & Assoc. Transcription, Inc.  2-1-19  Amend 3 to PSA to provide transcribing and translating for the Police department
 Stephen Solomon  2-1-19  PSA for hearing officer services
 Tillman Forensic Investigation LLC  2-1-19  To provide fingerprint examination and verification process
 Stradling, Yocca, Carlson &Rauth, PC  1-31-19 PSA to provide special counsel legal services 
 IBI Group  1-29-19  Amend 1 to PSA to conduct a parking study for the proposal development at 150 Paularino Ave
 California Forensic Philebotomy , Inc.  1-25-19  To perform blood sample collections
 The Natelson Dale Group, Inc.  1-23-19  PSA to provide fiscal impact analysis services in connection with the proposed One Metro West Project
 All Cities Engineering, Inc.  1-22-19  Public Works Agreement Project 18-17
 Hinderliter, DeLlamas & Associates  1-18-19  PSA to provide business license tax revenue enhancement services 
 AmeriNat & Farmers State Bank  1-17-19  Amend 1 to perform service with the City's participation with CALHOME Program
 Softresources, LLC  1-15-19  Amend 2 to PSA to provide project management services for software replacement.
 Johnson Favaro, Inc.  1-15-19  Amend 2 to PSA Architectural services with construction of New Library and Community Center
 Allied Nationwide Security, Inc.  1-15-19  Amend 3 to PSA to provide unarmed security officer at the Costa Mesa Senior Center
 Albert Grove & Associates, Inc. 1-15-19   Amend 1 to PSA to provide traffic and transportation engineering and consulting services.
 Interwest Consulting Group, INC  1-15-19  PSA to provide construction support in connection with the I-405 improvement project
 R.J. Boble Company  1-15-19  Project 18-16. To construct public works and improvements 
 Mercy House Living Centers   1-1-19  Agreement for the use of Emergency Solutions Grant Matching Funds
Centro Evangelistico Vida Nueva  1-1-19  Facility Use License Agreement
HDL Coren & Cone  1-1-19  Agreement for Property Tax Consulting /Audit Services