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2020 City contracts

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 Contract  Date Approved  Description
 Pictometry International   6-30-2020  Pictometry Agreement to provide web-based solution for aerial imagery of City's GIS data 
 Michael Baker International, Inc.  6-30-2020  Amendment One to provide environmental consulting services in connection with a proposed storage facility at 975 w.18th street
 ADVANTEC Consulting Engineers, Inc.  6-17-2020  Amendment One to develop traffic signal infrastructure and timing improvements in connection with the Fairview Road Traffic Signal Coordination Project
 Siemens Mobility, Inc.  6-12-2020  Public Works Agreement for full intersection re-wire between Babb Street and Baker Street
 Wood Environment & Infrastructure Solutions, Inc.  6-10-2020  PSA to provide industrial and commercial facility inspection services
 Susan Saxe-Clifford, PH.D.  6-1-2020  PSA to provide psychological evaluation services on as-needed basis
 Carco Yellow dba California Yellow Cab  6-1-2020  To provide transportation services for the City's Senior Transportation Programs
 Michael Baker International, Inc.  5-29-2020  Amendment two to the PSA to provide environmental consulting services in connection with One Metro West project
Kronos  5-26-2020  Agreement
 RCS Investigations and Consulting, LLC  5-20-2020  PSA to provide background investigation services
Sunset Detectives  5-20-2020  PSA to provide background investigation services
Beard Investigative Services, LLC.  5-20-2020  PSA to provide background investigation services
 Lance, Soll & Lunghard, LLP  5-19-2020  Amendment Two to provide accounting consulting services.
 Columbia Telecommunications Corp.  5-18-2020  PSA to provide services relating to radio frequency engineering and reviewing wireless facility applications.
 Eckersall, LLC.  5-15-2020  Amendment Three to provide GIS consulting services
Diamond Environmental Services, LP  5-5-2020  Amendment One to Lease Agreement for the lease of restroom facilities in connection with Lessee's temporary shelter
 David Volz Design Landscape Architects  5-5-2020  Amendment Two to provide concept development services for playground improvements for Lions park
 Sagecrest Planning and Environmental  5-5-2020  Amendment Four to provide planing services
 Natelson Dale Group, Inc.  5-4-2020  Amendment One to the PSA to provide fiscal impact analysis services in connection with the proposed One Metro West Project
 First Carbon Solutions AKA FCS International  5-1-2020  PSA to provide environmental consulting services
 Tyler Technologies  4-27-2020  Amendment One 
 Vanguard University   4-21-2020  Temporary Housing Agreement for use by City's employee and Personnel for as-needed basis during the COVID-19 emergency
 Mercy House/LightHouse/Church of the Nazarene  4-14-2020  Amendment One to the Lease agreement
 Lance, Soll & Lunghard, LLC.  4-9-2020  Amendment One to provide accounting consulting services
 Superior Pavement Markings, Inc.  4-4-2020  Amendment Two to provide street striping and thermoplastic roadway marking services
 Endemic Environmental Services  4-4-2020  Amendment Two to PSA to provide biological, management, and maintenance services
 Bruxton Company  4-3-2020  Amendment One to PSA
 Bruxton Company  4-3-2020  PSA to utilize the services of Consultant as an Independent contractor to provide retail recruitment and mobile visitor insights solution services.
 Fehr & Peers  4-1-2020  PSA to provide Senate Bill SB 743 implementation consulting services
 CityGate Associates   3-31-2020  Amendment One to PSA to provide standard of coverage assessment consulting services
 Townsend Public Affairs, Inc.  3-20-2020  Amendment Four to PSA to provide consulting services on grant writing 
 HDL Companies  3-18-2020  PSA to provide a business license services tax study
MV Cheng & Associates, Inc.  3-17-2020  Amendment 3 to PSA to provide accounting services
 Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.  3-3-2020  Amendment four to PSA to provide staff support services to the Transportation Services Division
 Jo Mar Polygraph & Investigative Services, Inc.  3-1-2020  PSA to provide polygraph examination services.
 Barr & Clark, Inc.  2-28-2020  Amendment 4 to the PSA to provide lead-based paint inspection services
 Vanguard University Parking Lot Agreement  2-27-2020  License Agreement to use City's parking lot for their 100th Anniversary celebration
Scott Summerfield  dba SAE   2-21-2020  PSA to provide communications consulting services
 Waymakers  2-18-2020  Agreement of Provisions of Juvenile Diversion Services 
 Atlas Planning Solutions  2-17-2020  PSA to provide consulting services for assisting with the development of a Local Mitigation Plan for the City
 S&H Civilworks  2-12-2020  Public Works Agreement for the Harbor Medians Modifications Project
 U.S. Green Building Council, Inc.  2-1-2020  LFC Grant Program 
 Michael Eugene Raneses  2-1-2020  PSA to utilize the services of Consultant to provide Civil Citation Officer Services
Lance, Soll & Lunghard, LLP  1-29-2020  PSA to provide accounting consulting services
 P.A.R.S. (Phase II Systems Agency Retirement Services)  1-21-2020  PSA to provide Internal Revenue Code trust fund administration and investment management services.
Gillis & Panichapan Architects, Inc.  1-21-2020  PSA to provide professional design services and construction support services in connection with the Costa Mesa Police Department Shooting Range Upgrade Project
Dixon Resources Unlimited  1-21-2020  PSA to provide professional 
 Johnson Controls Fire Protection  1-21-2020  Public Works Agreement to provide engineering, design, equipment,  installation,  and programming services to install a new Voice/Evac fire alarm system at Costa Mesa City Hall, 77 Fair Drive.
AmeriNat & Farmers State Bank  1-17-2020  Amendment 2 to the PSA to perform service on connection wit the City's participation in the Ca. Dept. of Housing and Community Dev. Calhome Program
Fieldman, Rolapp & Associates, Inc. 1-16-2020  Amendment One to provide Municipal Advisory Services
 Enterprise  1-2-2020  Business Short Term Preferred Rate Agreement
 Bob Hall & Associates  1-1-2020  Amendment One to provide Executive Recruitment consulting service
 Chuck Jones Center for Creativity  1-1-2020  Cooperative Agreement that provides City of Costa Mesa Recreation on campus for Kids (R.O.C.K.S.) after school program
South Coast Air Quality  1-1-2020  Partnership Program
 County of Orange  2020  Cooperative Services Agreement