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2016 Costa Mesa Voting District Formation

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Fact Sheet

- Fact Sheet in Vietnamese

- Fact Sheet in Spanish


- FAQ's in Vietnamese

- FAQ's in Spanish

 Community Meeting Dates

The City of Costa Mesa has entered into a settlement agreement that will put a measure on the November 2016 ballot to change the way voters choose their leadership from the City's current at-large elections to geographically defined district elections. The objective of the District Election Mapping is to ensure compliance with the California Voting Rights Act and ensure minority votes are not diluted. As a valued community member, the City is calling on you to get involved in the process of creating council voting districts.

This page will provide access to all things related to the district based elections mapping process including, but not limited to, notices of all public meetings, public notices, press release, agenda reports, maps and supporting documents.

Should you have any questions, please call the City Clerk's office at (714) 754-5225 or email

Maps (Public Submissions, Draft and Samples) & Demographic Data (Thematic maps)

Proposal Maps

(These maps will be presented to the City Council at the July 5 Public Hearing.)

- Proposal 1

- Proposal 2

- Proposal 3

- Proposal 4

Draft Maps

(These Draft Maps were formulated following the first round of public meetings and will be the working maps for the second round of public meetings.)


- Draft 1 Map

- Draft 1 Table

- Draft 2 Map



- Draft 2 Table

- 6D Draft 1 Map

- 6D Draft 1 Table

-7D Draft 1 Map

-7D Draft 1 Table

Sample Maps

(These sample maps were created by the demographic expert to initiate public discussion at the first round of public meetings.)


- Sample A

- Sample B

- Sample C

- Sample 7A

- Block Group

Demographic Data

- Single Unit Housing

- Renter

- Over crowded

- Med Income

- College

- Age U5

- Age 65

- Latino CVAP

- Asian CVAP


- Same House

- Poverty

- Span Surname Reg

- Voted 2012

- LS Spanish

- Unemployed

Press Releases
Distributing Kit
 Community Meeting
Public Hearing Notices for July 5, 2016
Public Hearing Notices for July 12, 2016

May 24, 2016

April 19, 2016

Instruction on drawing your own map

Map of city - (PDF)

Spreadsheet including Describe, Assign, Report - (XLS)

 - Round 1 (PDF)

- English

- Español

- Vietnamese

- English

- Español

- Vietnamese

Guiding Principles for Public Participation and District Development