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Resources for Businesses and Commercial Properties

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If you are an owner or operator of a business or commercial property and have concerns regarding issues of unwanted persons or criminal activity on your property, YOU HAVE RIGHTS.

As a business owner or operator, you are responsible for zoning and/or code violations that occur on your property. However, there are resources available to help navigate you through your concerns and take a proactive approach in addressing your issues successfully.

This page provides information on who to call for the most common situations, as well as additional resources you can provide to those in need of assistance.

City Efforts to Address Issues

The City of Costa Mesa is continuously working to address issues that affect property owners and local businesses. These efforts have included:

  • Ongoing dialogue with the County of Orange and State of California officials.
  • Partnering with the Chamber of Commerce to address business concerns.
  • Creation of a community service unit within the Costa Mesa Police Department to focus on pro-business quality of life strategies.

Protecting Your Property: Taking the Proactive Approach

Many nuisance or criminal activities can be prevented by businesses and property owners taking a proactive approach to protecting private properties.  Here are a few things businesses and property owners can do:

  • Post signs on your property such as “No Trespassing.”
  • Secure trash enclosures.
  • Reduce foliage that may be used as hiding spots for people/property.
  • Ensure adequate lighting.
  • Increase presence or implement private security measures.
  • Do not feed or give money to non-patrons.

Enforcement and Contacting the City of Costa Mesa

For life-threatening emergencies, please immediately call 9-1-1.

    When to Call the Code Enforcement Hotline at (714) 754-5638:

  • Inhabiting of your or your neighbor’s commercial property.
  • Abandoned shopping carts or other unclaimed property.
  • Excessive trash, debris, and outdoor storage.

    When to Call the Police Department at (714) 754-5252:

  • Drug activity or the presence of drugs or paraphernalia.
  • Loitering outside of establishments that sell alcohol.
  • Trespassing - PC § 602(k).
  • Impeding access to businesses.
  • Aggressive panhandling.