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Welcome to the Development Services Department.  Our goal is to provide you with the best customer service of any city in California.

The Development Services Department is comprised of planning, building safety, code enforcement, and housing and community development divisions.

Planning Division
The Planning Division is responsible for implementing the regulations of the Zoning Code and the goals/policies/objectives of the General Plan. A planner’s role is to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare of the business and residential community and therefore preserve/enhance the quality of life in the city.

Planning staff apply zoning regulations to promote developments which:
  • Establish and maintain a balance of land uses throughout the community to preserve the residential character of the City at a level no greater than can be supported by the infrastructure.
  • Ensure the long term productivity and viability of the community's economic base. 
  • Promote land use patterns and development that reinforce neighborhood identity or beautification of the City. 
  • Create a correlation between build-out of the General Plan Land Use Map and Master Plan of Highways. 

Planning staff also are involved in issuance of ministerial permits (i.e. sign permits, banner permits, over-the-counter building permits) and completing plan checks for zoning compliance. The zoning administrator is a staff member who is authorized to approve, conditionally approve, or deny certain discretionary planning applications (i.e., administrative adjustment, minor conditional use permit, and lot line adjustment).

Planning staff provide service to the community, the City Council, and the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission is an appointed body of seven commissioners who act on plans for the regulation of the future growth, development and beautification of the City. The Planning Commission decides on discretionary planning applications (i.e. conditional use permit, variances, master plan, design reviews, subdivision maps, and residential common interest developments). They also make recommendations to the City Council for projects such as rezones, General Plan amendments, Zoning Code amendments, and Specific Plans. Major development projects, appeals of the Planning Commission’s and Zoning Administrator’s decisions, and policy documents are some types of applications which are considered by the City Council.

Building Safety Division
Building safety is responsible for reviewing building plans for compliance with city building ordinances and applicable state building regulations. The Building Division issues permits for grading, building, plumbing, electrical, mechanical and demolition permits for on-site construction. The Building Division is also responsible for inspection of onsite construction work and code enforcement.

Community Improvement Division

Community improvement is responsible for responding to citizen requests to investigate potential violations related to property maintenance, noise, and illegal use of buildings.

Housing and Community Development Division
Housing and Community Development administers funds the City receives from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These funds are authorized under HUD's Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, which is administered by the City's Housing and Community Development Division.

CDBG funds are used to benefit low- and moderate-income families and aid in the rehabilitation and development of blighted areas within the City.  Specifically, the funds are used to:

  • To further fair housing by providing safe, decent, and sanitary housing for all segments of the community, specifically low and moderate-income families, the elderly, and the handicapped;
  • To prevent blight and deterioration of community neighborhoods and facilities;
  • To provide public services for the specialized needs of children, the elderly, the handicapped, and low and moderate-income families;
  • To investigate and develop new programs to assist the City in meeting its housing needs;
  • To provide technical and financial assistance to qualified homeowners to encourage the rehabilitation of existing single-family residences and mobile home units.

In addition to block grant funding, the Housing and Community Development Division implements the HOME Program. The HOME Program expands the supply of decent and affordable housing, particularly rental housing for low and very low-income residents. The program's objectives include strengthening the ability of state and local government to design and implement strategies for adequate supplies of decent and affordable housing, including:

  • Tenant-based rental assistance;
  • Homeowners rehabilitation assistance;
  • Property acquisition;
  • New construction;
  • Moderate rehabilitation, site improvements, and demolition.

Office hours at City Hall: Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.