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Banning Ranch

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Banning Ranch is a proposed development within the Newport Beach city limits. You can read more information about the project here on Newport Beach's website.

Costa Mesa has no jurisdiction over the property, but the City will receive approximately $4.4 million for traffic improvements if the Banning Ranch project is approved by the Newport Beach City Council and California Coastal Commission.

If the 402-acre project is approved and implemented, developers of the project would pay Costa Mesa $4.4 million to mitigate congestion at six or seven Costa Mesa intersections identified in the development’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR) as being impacted by additional traffic. This amount is significantly more than the traffic mitigation fees of approximately $1.7 million that would be generated for a similar-sized project in Costa Mesa.

The City of Costa Mesa's response letter to the EIR can be found here.

The Costa Mesa intersections identified in the EIR are:

  • Newport Boulevard and 19th Street;
  • Newport and Harbor boulevards;
  • Newport Boulevard and 18th Street;
  • Newport Boulevard and 17th Street; 
  • Superior Avenue and 17th Street; 
  • Pomona Avenue and 17th Street;
  • Monrovia Avenue and 19th Street
19th Street and Monrovia Ave. will be removed from the list once the 19th Street bridge has been officially removed from the county’s transportation master plan.