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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Persons recovering from addiction to drugs and/or alcohol are considered to be disabled under state and federal law.

  • Definitions

  • The difference between a Residential Care Facility and a Sober Living Home

  • How the City regulates sober living homes.

  • Residential Care Facilities and Group Homes are permitted in single-family residential neighborhoods (R1 zones).

  • Residential Care Facilities and Group Homes are permitted in multifamily residential zones (R2-MD, R2-HD, R3, PDR-LD, PDR-HD, PDR-NCM, PDC, and PDI).

  • Reasonable Accommodation.

  • When a state license is required.

  • Overconcentration standards/separation requirements between Residential Care Facilities.

  • Limitations on the number of Group Homes that can locate in a certain area.

  • Group homes are not considered a business operation.

  • The City allows neighbors to provide input when the City is making a decision about granting a permit to a Group Home or licensed care facility to locate in a residential neighborhood.

  • Factors the City may consider when evaluating an application for a group home or licensed care facility

  • Types of conditions the City may impose when approving a group home or residential care facility.

  • Protections for individuals who may be evicted from a group home

  • How to report disturbances and potential zoning violations.

  • Locations of group homes and residential care facilities

  • I received a violation notice from your office, but I have questions. Who can help me?

  • I have a concern, but I don't see it listed under the ordinances and codes listed here. Where else could I find additional information?

  • How quickly do you respond to a submitted concern?

  • How do I file a concern?

  • What State laws does code staff enforce?

  • What is Code Enforcement?

  • How you I report an issue online or with a smart phone app?

  • Do I need a building permit?

  • How do I check building permit information?

  • How do I obtain a business license?

  • How do I obtain a film permit?

  • How do I obtain building permits?

  • How do I speak with an inspector?

  • What building codes apply?

  • Where do I obtain a building permit?

  • Who may obtain a building permit?