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Online Submittals

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Until further notice, Costa Mesa City Hall is CLOSED to the public in keeping with Governor Newsom’s direction regarding COVID-19.

Development Services will continue to offer services online, and via email, telephone or conference line in order to follow the Governor’s

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Building Division will continue to accept building permit applications.  Please follow the instructions below to submit an application via email.  For application types not listed below, please contact the Building Division at for additional instructions. Please allow 48-72 hours for a response for any emailed submission.

For the following application types, please email the completed, signed Permit Application and submit the application to, unless otherwise noted below. Fee payments may be wired to the City at no additional charge by following these instructions. Once the payment is wired, please email the payment confirmation along with the site address and building permit application number (when assigned). Once payment is received, the application will be processed. Payments may also be made by emailing a signed credit card authorization form (PDF) with your application. Please note that there is a $15,000 credit card transaction limit. Checks may be mailed to the City; however there will be a delay of several days for processing of physical checks or other similar forms of payment.

  • RESIDENTIAL ELECTRICAL: Panel upgrades, subpanels, bathroom vents, communication drops, changing out lights, outlets, switches.
  • RESIDENTIAL MECHANICAL:   Forced Air Unit (FAU) change outs, A/C unit change outs (INCLUDE SITE PLAN OF A/C UNIT LOCATION), and duct replacements (INCLUDE NUMBER OF REGISTERS) must include CF1R forms. Kitchen hoods and wall furnaces do not require CF1R forms. For an A/C unit change out, email the permit application and a site plan showing the location of the A/C unit, to Following review, the Planning Division will forward the application to the Building Division for further processing.
  • RESIDENTIAL PLUMBING: Bathtubs, dishwashers, floor drains, gas outlets, gas repipes, water heaters, copper/pex re-pipes (PROVIDE INCLUDE FIXTURE COUNT), water softeners, sewer line repairs (UNDER HOUSE ONLY) landscape irrigation, kitchen sinks, wash basins, toilets, garbage disposal.
  • FIRE SPRINKLER/ALARM PERMITS: Email the permit application only. When processed, instructions will be provided for plan submittal. On the application, provide counts on how many systems and how many sprinkler heads/devices. Includes any Fire Department permits (ie. underground fire line, fire suppression hood, etc.).
  • BACKYARD BBQ/FIREPITS: Email the permit application and a site plan showing routing of gas lines and electrical conduits to Following review, the Planning Division will forward the application to the Building Division for further processing.


For the following, use the handouts linked below and send the completed packet to, unless otherwise noted below.