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Housing Authority

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The Costa Mesa Housing Authority was formed on Jan. 17, 2012 as to serve as the city agency responsible for the provision of quality, affordable housing in Costa Mesa after the dissolution of the Redevelopment Agency. The Costa Mesa Housing Authority accepted the assets and responsibilities of the former Redevelopment Agency.

Background of the Housing Authority
The City Council found that there was a shortage of decent, safe, sanitary, and affordable dwelling accommodations in the City of Costa Mesa that were available to persons of low income. The Housing Authority was granted the power to address these housing issues.

The Costa Mesa Housing Authority is an agency within the City of Costa Mesa, and its objective is to provide for various housing functions for the Costa Mesa community. The Housing Authority applies for federal and state funding, and utilizes those resources to provide housing assistance to the residents of Costa Mesa. Additionally, the Housing Authority administers these funds to various housing projects within the city that serve to provide quality housing to low-income persons. Further, it ensures that the residents have sanitary, safe, and quality affordable housing.

Housing Authority’s Responsibilities
The Costa Mesa Housing Authority is allowed to engage in activities related to development and maintenance of affordable housing within the entire city.

The Housing Authority can carry out a broad range of activities such as acquiring and leasing land, acquiring and rehabilitating existing units, clearing sites for development, financing the construction of new or rehabilitated units, constructing public improvements to facilitate housing, owning and operating units, and operating programs and services that promote home ownership and responsible tenancy for persons of low income.

The Housing Authority is distinguished from the former Redevelopment Agency in that it is authorized to provide housing counseling, referrals, and advisory services in conjunction with new or rehabilitated housing projects. Whereas the former Redevelopment Agency generally did not own or operate affordable housing, the Housing Authority has the power to directly construct and own new or rehabilitated housing units.

Who Provides Oversight?
The Housing Authority is administered by a governing board consisting of the members of the Costa Mesa City Council. The board member’s term ends when he or she is no longer on the City Council.

The Housing Authority Board has chair person and a vice chair person. By approval of the Housing Authority's bylaws, the first chair was designated to be Mayor Sandy Genis, and with Mayor Pro Tem Allan Mansoor serving as vice chair. Thereafter, the chair and vice chair shall be selected and appointed by a majority vote of a quorum of the Housing Authority Board.