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Small Cell Technology

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Notice of Public Hearing: February 4, 2020 City Council Meeting

What is Small Cell Technology?

With the growth and expansion of the telecommunication industry and the public’s increased use of cellular phones, “small cell” facilities were recently introduced by cellular carriers to respond to the consumer demand for capacity.  “Small cell” facilities (also referred to as “nodes”) are typically placed on light poles, traffic signals, or new poles within the public right-of-way. They are lower-power, smaller-scale facilities that supplement larger “macro cell” facilities and increase network capacity in areas with high user densities.

The City has received multiple applications for small cell facilities in Costa Mesa from four companies (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon). Based on the growth and expansion of the industry, the City expects many more small cell facility applications to be submitted in the future.

Renderings for Proposed Small Cell Facilities in Costa Mesa

Carrier Plan Comparison_Comprehensive