The Finance Department is comprised of three divisions:

Administration Kelly-Telford
Financial Operations
Financial Planning

The primary functions of the Finance Department are:

  • Prepare and administer the City's annual budget for the City Manager;
  • Provide financial advice to the City Manager and City Council;
  • Maintain a general accounting system;
  • Collect all taxes and revenues of the City;
  • Invest cash reserves;
  • Prepare financial reports;
  • Administer the payroll, and
  • Procure equipment and supplies and control inventories of the City.

Kelly Telford is the Finance Director and can be reached at (714) 754-5243.

The Finance Administration Division is responsible for the overall direction and policy implementation. It is also responsible for coordination of the Finance Department, which includes budgeting, accounting, purchasing and treasury functions. The Finance Administration Division provides financial advice to the City Manager and City Council.

The Financial Operations Division includes the Accounting Section, which maintains the accounting system, the payroll system, and the fixed asset system; reconciles bank accounts; and prepares various financial reports. The Treasury Section provides centralized cashiering, collection, and accounting for improvement district bonds; collects for all business licenses; collects all receivables; and audits various tax sources for compliance.

The Financial Planning Division includes preparation and administration of the City's annual budget, and completes special research projects as assigned by the City Manager and City Council. The Purchasing function of the Financial Planning Division procures all services, supplies, and equipment for all departments of the City, and surpluses items no longer needed by the City.