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About page on Fire website 1 The Fire & Rescue Department is a public safety function that protects life, property and the environment through its mitigation, prevention, response, and recovery services. The Fire/Rescue/Emergency Medical Services Division staffs 6 fire stations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Fire Prevention & Community Risk Reduction Division provides public education, emergency management, life safety planning and inspections, and code enforcement services. Both divisions are supported by the Fire Administration division.

The Department is currently budgeted for 90 full-time staff members, 84 sworn positions and six non-sworn positions. Part-time staffing consists of 4 full-time equivalents to serve within the following divisions:

  • Fire Administration
  • Fire/Rescue/Emergency Medical Services
  • Fire Prevention/Community Risk Reduction

Fire Administration

Provides direction for strategic, operational, and emergency planning; establishes Department policies and procedures; coordinates internal functions of all divisions and programs and external functions with other City departments and community organizations; develops and manages the budget; coordinates ordering and purchasing; manages the department’s human resources; coordinates additional functions and performs duties as delegated by the City Chief Executive Officer or the City Council.

Fire/Rescue/Emergency Medical Services

Manages, supervises, and provides the services tasked to this division, including rapid response to life, health, fire, rescue, and environmental emergencies, as well as the protection of property, fire cause and origin determination, and life safety inspections and education.

Manages, supervises, and provides the functions required to support these services including; emergency planning, communications, training and education, equipment maintenance and repair, supplies, records, and quality control.

Fire Prevention/Community Risk Reduction About page on Fire website 2

Develops and enforces local fire, life safety, property, and environmental protection standards; enforces State adopted fire & life safety codes; reviews building construction plans; conducts building construction and business inspections; investigates citizen complaints; manages the city’s hazardous materials disclosure program; provides training to department personnel in regard to fire and life safety codes; assists professional trades with technical fire code requirements and department public education efforts.