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Disaster Preparedness

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Preparing Makes Sense! Emergency situations can happen everyday and whether they are simple or complex, everyone needs to prepare their home and workplace. Disasters can occur naturally (earthquake, fire, etc.), intentionally (people-caused - hazardous materials spills, terrorism, etc.), or from technology glitches (power outage, computer viruses, etc.). We need to be prepared to take care of ourselves and our family for a minimum of 7-10 days.

A four phase approach will help prepare you for a natural or any other type of disaster.

1. Get a Kit of Emergency Supplies
2. Make a Plan for What You Will Do in an Emergency
3. Be Informed About What Might Happen. Know the hazards and other concerns in your community.
4. Get Involved in Preparing Your Community

 Reference brochures:

Are you prepared

 Are You Prepared?

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 Disabilities / Special Needs

 Emergency Check list

Emergency Checklist

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 Emergency Checklist - Spanish


Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK)

 Emergency Referral Card

Emergency Referal Card

family communications plan

Family Communications Plan

family communications plan spanish

 Family Communications Plan - Spanish

family disaster supplies calendar

Family Disaster Supplies Calendar

 grab and go bag

Grab And Go Bag

 older Americans

 Older Americans

 prepardness brochure

 Preparedness Brochure

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