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Wildlife Notice

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Effective April 26, 2010, Costa Mesa Animal Control implemented a change in policy which may affect you and your residence. Animal Control will no longer respond to your location to remove wildlife which you have trapped. The trapping and relocation of wildlife without a permit, issued by the California Department of Fish and Game, could be considered a violation of law. In addition, trapped wildlife unnecessarily exposes the citizen and the animal control officer to potential disease and injuries from bites and scratches.
Costa Mesa Animal Control recommends citizens that have unwanted wildlife on their property first take steps to make their property unattractive to wildlife by taking the following measures:
  • Keep trash cans covered at all times
  • Remove fallen fruit from trees on the property
  • Remove pet food dishes after feeding
  • Keep yards free from excessive brush and overgrown vegetation
  • Don't attract wildlife by feeding them
  • Make changes to fencing to keep wildlife out
  • Consider animal repellant products available on the internet or in stores

You may refer to for more information on the Wetlands & Wildlife Care Center in Huntington Beach.