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Skateboards/ Skate Parks

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What is the law?
The California Vehicle Code (CVC) provides rules and regulations for the equipment and the safe operation of skateboards and roller skates.  Anyone operating a skateboard or roller skates must obey all the rules of the road.  This includes but is not limited to pedestrian traffic, signs and signals, speed limits, stop signs, and yield right-of-way signs.  The Costa Mesa Municipal Code (CCMC) also provides rules and regulations regarding the required equipment and safe operation for skaters using the Volcom Skate Park located on the 900 block of Arlington Avenue.

No license or registration is required in the City of Costa Mesa for skateboards or roller skates.
Any person under the age of 18 years is required by state law (CVC 21212a) to wear a proper-fitting and fastened bicycle helmet while operating a skateboard, inline or roller skates.

Costa Mesa Municipal Code

CMMC 12-55.1 - Definitions
Roller Skate shall mean any footwear or device that may be attached to the foot or footwear, to which non-metallic wheels are attached and such wheels may be used by the wearer for moving or propulsion, including but not limited to in-line skates commonly referred as roller blades.

Safety Equipment shall mean, at a minimum, legal or approved helmets, elbow pads and knee pads.
Skateboard shall mean all non-metallic wheeled objects, coasters, conveyances, or similar devices used for transportation or sport which are propelled by human power and which are not classified as bicycles or roller skates.

Skate Park shall mean a public facility that is designed for use by persons riding skateboards or roller skates, and which is designated a “skate park” by the recreation manager.

CMMC 12-55.2 - Skate Park Regulations
The following sub-sections of the Municipal Code shall apply for all skate park facilities.

(a) No person shall use a skate park for uses other than for skateboarding or roller skating.
(b) No person shall skateboard or roller skate without wearing the required safety equipment as posted at the skate park facility.
(c) No person shall skateboard or roller skate when the skating surface is wet.
(d) No person shall engage in profanity, reckless or boisterous behavior (including, but not limited to, tandem riding, pushing, horseplay, and bullying) or any other activity that could endanger the safety of persons of persons using a skate park or spectators.
(e) Only skateboards and roller skates will be allowed to be used in a skate park.  Prohibited devices include but are not limited to bicycles, scooters, and any motorized device whether electric or gas powered.
(f) No person shall use, consume or possess food, beverages, glass bottles or any breakable glass items on the skating surface.
(g) No person shall place or utilize additional obstacles or other materials, including but not limited to, ramps, or jumps.
(h) No person shall use, or be under the influence of alcohol, controlled substances, or illegal drugs while using a skate park.
(i) No person shall enter the skating surface area of a skate park unless actively skateboarding or roller skating in accordance with these regulations.
(j) No person shall use portable/personal stereos and headphones within a skate park or its perimeter.
(k) No person shall have a dangerous weapon in his or her possession.  Deadly weapons shall include but not be limited to guns, knives, bats, clubs, or martial arts weapons.
(l) No person shall litter or place trash or debris in or on the skating surface.  All trash shall be placed in a designated trash receptacle.
(m) No person shall apply, or cause to be applied, any vandalism, including but not limited to graffiti, tagging, stickers, or decals to any facilities in the skate park.
(n) All persons shall skateboard or roller skate on the skating surface and shall not skateboard or roller skate on the curbs, planters, benches, steps, railing, parking lot or driveways of a skate park or other city-owned area surrounding a skate park.
(o) No person shall skateboard or roller skate at a skate park at any times other than those established as the hours of operation.

CMMC 12-55.3 - Penalty for Violations
Penalties for violation of skate park regulations can be a simple infraction or misdemeanor (criminal) violation at the discretion of the city attorney or district attorney.  Typically a person seen violating any regulation will either be advised to cease their activity or be issued a citation to appear in court.

The violator's skateboard, skates or any other device as stated above may be seized as evidence and a receipt will be provided.  After the case has been adjudicated, the impounded items may be recovered at the police department during regular business hours, upon presentation of the receipt.  Minors must be in the company of a parent or guardian.

Any seized items not picked up after 60 days will be disposed of by destruction, public sale, or auction.
Any person convicted of three or more infractions of this article shall be permanently barred form the use of or entrance to a skate park.