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Street Sweeping

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Frequency of Service: All public arterial and residential streets will be swept once a week.

Posted "No Parking": Citywide parking prohibitions will be in effect on sweeping days . Signs with a dedicated hourly window period have been placed at the entrances to each residential tract.

Sweeping Route Schedules: The sign posted at the entrance of any street will display the day of the week the sweeping service is to be performed, and the hourly window period during that designated day.

Enforcement: The police department will perform enforcement of parking prohibitions. Parking restrictions will be enforced anytime between the hours listed on the posted signs. Do not move your vehicle back onto the street as soon as the street sweeping truck passes. You will be at risk of receiving a citation. The police department has only a limited number of parking enforcement aides available to work the street sweeping routes, so it is rare an aide will be able to follow directly behind the street sweeping truck. This is why no parking is allowed during the specified hours. Citation fees vary upon the violations.