Professional Standard Bureau

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The Professional Standards Bureau

Contact: Lt. Jerry Hildeman

(714) 754-5354

The Professional Standards Bureau (PSB) was established in 1997 and is staffed by Lieutenant Jerry Hildeman and Sergeant Jason Chamness. The goal of the PSB is to provide a consistent standard, as well as a single point of contact, for Administrative Investigations and other related duties.

The PSB is responsible for Administrative Investigations, including Complaints by Member of Public (CMP) and Internal Administrative Investigations (IA).

They act as the Custodian of Records for court proceedings, primarily Pitchess Motions. Under the Custodian of Records heading, PSB is also responsible to act as Background Liaison. With this responsibility, PSB organizes and gathers respective personnel files, and then monitors their review by background investigators.

PSB acts as the Workers Compensation Liaison with the City of Costa Mesa Human Resources Department. This responsibility entails reviewing all injury reports and ensuring that all necessary documentation is accurate and completed in a timely fashion.

PSB is responsible to review, investigate, and prepare any necessary reports for all claims that involve the Police Department’s jurisdiction. This includes, but is not limited to, actions and inactions by employees, traffic-related issues, and safety concerns noted.

PSB is responsible for responding to all officer-involved shootings involving Costa Mesa Police employees. The response is necessary to liaison with outside investigating agencies, including the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, who is tasked with the criminal investigation review.

PSB is the point of contact for all litigation that involves Police Department personnel. This includes facilitating City Attorney Office requests, as well as other attorney requests involving Police Department employees.

As Public Records requests are sent to the PSB for review and response, PSB works with the City Attorney’s Office, the Records Bureau and other bureaus, as necessary, to facilitate a retort. PSB coordinates its response with the City Attorney’s Office in order to ensure efficiency.

PSB conducts random audits on a variety of components within the Police Department. The audits are completed to ensure compliance with rules and regulations, the adequacies of current policies, any training deficiencies, and the presence of any litigation concerns. The audits are also used to identify concerns with current practices and propose remedies.

PSB is responsible for the Costa Mesa Police Manual, which is the guiding document for policies and procedures within the Costa Mesa Police Department. Making sure the Manual is current with ever-changing case law and with the actual procedures being used by personnel. This is an important process to maintain consistency and order within the Department.

PSB is also tasked with periodically training the supervisors within the Police Department on the importance of quality supervision. This is an essential task in providing first-line supervisor with the best tools to do their job in a high-functioning, modern police department.