Training And Recruitment

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Training Bureau

The Training Bureau is responsible for all entry-level and in-service training for personnel, both sworn and civilian.

The State of California sets minimum standards for law enforcement training and audits all police training to ensure these minimum standards are being met.  It is the goal of the Costa Mesa Police Department to exceed these standards while keeping training costs to a minimum.  Training is conducted at local college campuses, in partnership with other police departments, through the use of vendors, and internally.  A wide range of subject matter experts are used and all training is certified where possible.  A contractual relationship is maintained with Santa Ana College to ensure all training is of the highest quality, while allowing for the off-setting of training costs through tuition reimbursements.

The Training Bureau has coordinated and presented more than 85,000 course hours of training and received a little under one million dollars in state and federal reimbursements.

The Training Bureau is staffed by three personnel, some of which have collateral duties in conducting recruitment and background investigations.

Recruitment Bureau

The Recruitment Bureau was established in 2007 at the direction of the City Council.  The challenge of finding quality, qualified applicants requires that trained specialists be used in recruitment.  Law enforcement recruitment has become extremely competitive and will remain so for many years to come.

The primary function of the bureau is to attract the highest quality personnel for careers in law enforcement.  Staff conduct outreach programs, attend job fairs, and take every opportunity to enhance the department's reputation.  It is the policy of the Recruitment Bureau to treat all applicants with respect and dignity and to provide applicants with every opportunity to be successful by guiding them through the hiring process from application submittal to actual hire date.

Law enforcement applicants are subject to very strict background investigations and these are coordinated and conducted by Recruitment Bureau staff.  The Costa Mesa Police Department has a reputation for conducting very thorough background investigations and has been a leader in innovation in this complex field.