Crimes Against Persons (CAP)

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The Crimes Against Persons (CAP) Detail provides follow-up investigation on all criminal matters involving homicide, sexual assault, robbery, domestic violence, assault, abuse, threats, missing persons, weapons violations, court order violations, and telephone offenses.  Two detectives within the detail are assigned incidents involving children.  These detectives investigate all crimes involving juveniles including alleged abuse, molest, annoyance, neglect, endangerment, child stealing, exploitation, and runaways.

In a cooperative effort with local, state, and federal agencies, two CAP detectives work as the police department’s Terrorism Liaison Officer.  This assignment provides the department with a link to security and intelligence information which may have an impact on the community.  For information on our nation’s security awareness and preparedness, visit the Department of Homeland Security.

Contact Information

Sgt. S. Stafford - e-mail
 (714) 754-4933

 Det. M. Peters
 (714) 754-5198
 Det. R. Dimel
 (714) 754-5363
 Det. B. Hernandez
 (714) 754-5120
 Det. D. Sevilla
 (714) 754-5356
 Det. G. Maridakis
 Det. A. Lopez
 (714) 754-5162

Juvenile Detectives
 Det. J. Jacobi (Juvenile Crimes)
 (714) 754-5178
 Det. J. Tripp (Juvenile Crimes)
 (714) 754-5364