Records and Evidence Bureau

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The Costa Mesa Police Department Records Bureau is responsible for the maintenance, dissemination and security of all criminal investigation documents. General crime incident and arrest reports are maintained up to 5 years plus current; reports of child abuse, sex crimes and homicide reports are kept indefinitely; missing persons and stolen gun cases are maintained, if outstanding, up to ten years or until the person or weapon is located. 

Some of the services provided by Records Bureau personnel are listed below:
  •  Secure police reports and enter data into various automated systems. 
  •  Controls the release of vehicles that have been towed. 
  •  Confirm warrants for other agencies as needed
  •  Maintains teletypes for the department.

The Records Bureau is staffed twenty–four hours a day, seven days a week. During these times the public can contact Records staff to request copies of traffic accident reports and crime incident reports. Records staff will do their best to answer any questions the public may have regarding police reports, local records checks, Record Sealing’s, and State Criminal History requests.

(714) 754-5373 

Property and Evidence

The Property & Evidence Bureau has the sole responsibility of receiving, storing, and maintaining found, "safekeeping," and evidence items which come into the care of CMPD. The bureau is staffed entirely by civilian employees. 

Hours of Operation for property releases without an appointment:
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday:
1 PM to 3:30 PM 


Weekends & Holidays:


(714) 754-5339 

* Any release requests for a time other than what is specified above must be prearranged with a Property & Evidence staff member.

Property and evidence is released and returned to its rightful owners with valid photo identification. 

Found and "safekeeping" property items are held for 90 days to allow the rightful owner to be notified and to have enough time to respond to pick it up. If these items are not claimed within the 90 days, they are either physically destroyed or added to auction. CMPD is currently using online auctioneer 

Property classified as evidence can eventually be returned/released to its rightful owner after the case has been adjudicated and is no longer needed for evidentiary reasons. Release of this category of property can only occur with the assigned detective's or officer's written authorization. In some cases such as homicides, the evidence is held indefinitely. 

Property and Evidence is responsible for but not limited to other such things as:
  • Monthly release of items available to online auctioneer
  • Quarterly narcotic destruction
  • Bi-monthly weapon/firearm destruction
  • Daily transport and pick-up of patrol vehicles for maintenance and service
  • Daily receiving, processing, and storage of new evidence/property arrivals
  • Releasing on a daily basis found and "safekeeping" property to the rightful owners
  • Daily purging of property not being returned and no longer need in criminal cases
  • Daily pulling of property requested for review by officers and detectives
  • Daily maintaining the vehicle supply storage shed for essentials such as motor oil and spare tires
  • Maintaining daily the evidence processing area for essential packaging supplies needed for the proper packing and storage of incoming property and evidence items
  • Weekly delivery and pick-up to and from the Orange County Sheriff's Department Crime Lab of property and narcotics requiring analysis
  • Annual speedometer calibration of patrol vehicles
  • Issuance of all duty gear to newly hired field employees and reissuance of existing employee gear as replacement gear is needed
  • Election night ballot collection
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