Salary & Benefits

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Police Recruit (Academy)
$26.56 per hour

Sworn Police Officer
$40.36 to $54.09 per hour
$6,995 to $9,395 per month
$83,940 to $112,500 per year

Reserve Police Officer
$38.00 per hour

Incentive Pay

Incentive Pay Percentage
Bilingual Skills 2.5% speaking
5% speaking and written
(above basic monthly salary)
P.O.S.T. Certifications 5% Intermediate
10% Advanced
(above basic monthly salary)
Special Assignment 5% Motorcycle Duty
(above hourly rate, per shift) 
Field Training Officer 12.5%
(above basic monthly salary) 
Uniform Assignment  2.5%
(above basic monthly salary) 
Benefit Amount
Medical Insurance $631 per month flexible benefit contribution towards payment of employee and family medical and long-term disability insurance; dependent care and medical reimbursement programs available 
Optional dental, cancer, supplemental life and short-term disability insurance Flexible 
Life Insurance  $50,000 + AD&D, $2,000 each dependent 
Long-Term Disability Insurance

100% for up to 30 months; 85% non-industrial; 70% industrial

Vacation Leave  80 hours during year one.  Hours per year increase based on years of service to a maximum of 200 hours per year
Sick Leave  96 hours of available sick leave granted upon hire.  Employees also accrue 3.69 hours per pay period, to a maximum accrual of 192 hours.
Bereavement  3 paid days per occurrence 
Holidays  12 paid holidays per year 
Retirement  Employee pays 14% of salary towards retirement 
Tuition Reimbursement  Up to $1,250 per fiscal year 
Deferred Compensation  Voluntary contributions up to $18,500 per year