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The Public Services Department is dedicated to delivering vital services through efficient utilization and allocation of resources to provide the Costa Mesa Community with opportunities to enjoy an unsurpassed quality of life.

The Public Services department is led by Raja Sethuraman, Public Services Director, and is committed to providing effective and efficient public services including maintenance of City parks and facilities for the enjoyment and safety of all, promotion of conservation and preservation of natural resources, and supporting economic vitality through the upgrade and maintenance of the City's infrastructure.

The Department provides services related to engineering, transportation, park and city facilities maintenance, water quality, and waste management and recycling. The Department is comprised of the following four divisions:

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The Public Services Administration Division provides the overall direction, coordination and Department-Wide oversight. The Administrative Division sets annual goals and performance measures in accordance with the Department’s strategic plan, City Council priorities, and needs of the community. Administrative management of the Department includes developing the budget; managing personnel; securing and implementing grant programs; evaluation and monitoring of current and pending legislation’s impact on Department programs and operations; public information and marketing regarding Department operations and project updates, providing commercial and multi-family (5 or more units), and construction and demolition waste collection and recycling services. The Administrative Division also oversees the implementation of the City’s Capital Improvement Program and completes short and long-range capital improvement planning and development through the program. The Department is committed to retaining its highly skilled workforce through effective succession planning. 

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