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Transportation Services

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The Transportation Services Division's goal is the safe and efficient movement of people, goods and services throughout the community. In addition to addressing traffic circulation needs and issues, this office is also responsible for the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists. This office accomplishes its goals through two distinct efforts:

  • Citywide monitoring to identify, manage, and eliminate potentially hazardous traffic conditions; and
  • The application of "scientifically accepted" principles in traffic engineering and transportation planning to improve and maintain the transportation system network to meet current and future needs of the City.

In proximity to two of Orange County’s major public attraction destination - the South Coast Plaza/Theatre and Arts District and the Orange County Fairgrounds that provide ever changing commuter demands - the Transportation Services Division is an essential part of the City fabric which helps facilitate traffic movement in and throughout the City.

The Transportation Services Division is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the transportation infrastructure in the City and implementation of the General Plan Circulation Element.  It also deals with neighborhood traffic issues and transportation planning activities within the City, and administers various grant programs and projects to promote safe and efficient movement of people and goods throughout the City. The division also manages the school crossing guard program in order to enhance public safety of elementary school students walking to and from school. The Division is composed of two sub-division sections:

The Traffic Planning/Development Section is responsible for the monitoring of existing traffic conditions; forecasting future traffic demands, conducting investigations and developing remedial measures to improve existing conditions, as well as planning to provide adequate transportation infrastructures to meet future traffic demands and system circulation needs to year 2030 and beyond. This Section is involved in the review and mitigation of citywide traffic impacts resulting from private development projects. In addition, the Section is also responsible for the implementation of the Master Plan of Bikeways (MPB), the Master Plan of Highways (MPH), Congestion Management Program (CMP), Transportation Demand Management (TDM) programs, and the Circulation Element of the City's General Plan.

The Traffic Operations/Maintenance Section monitors existing traffic conditions and oversees the citywide computerized traffic signal system through signal timing, coordination and progression on major arterials. This section also observes traffic flow via a series of Closed Circuit Television Cameras (CCTV) to adjust signals and manage incidents and events that result in increased traffic congestion. The Traffic Operations section designs and installs new traffic signals, CCTV cameras and other electronic devices as necessary to reduce congestion and enhance driver safety. It further monitors street lighting and maintains other traffic control devices, such as in-roadway warning lights, uninterruptible power supply systems and electronic radar speed feedback signs.

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Key Contacts  
Jennifer Rosales, Transportation Services Manager
 (714) 754-5180
Traffic Signal Issues
 M-F: (714) 754-5184
 (714) 754-5252
General Traffic Issues
 (714) 754-5184
Residential Parking Permit - FAQ
 (714) 754-4825
Oversize Load Application
 (714) 754-5634
Street Lights - Click here to report an outage
 (714) 754-5184
Pothole Hotline
 (714) 754-5207
Bus Stop Maintenance
 (714) 754-5184
Lane Closure Permit (Encroachment Permit)
 (714) 754-5184
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
 (949) 724-2000
Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)
 (714) 560-6282