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Traffic Operations/ Maintenance

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The Traffic Operations/ Maintenance section monitors existing traffic conditions and oversees the citywide traffic signal system through an Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) utilizing complex signal timing, time based coordination and synchronization parameters on both major and minor arterials. This section designs and installs new traffic signals, traffic signing/striping improvements, bicycle and pedestrian safety equipment, fiber optic communication equipment, closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and other intelligent transportation system (ITS) devices as necessary to reduce traffic delays, lower greenhouse gas emissions, improve travel times and enhance driver safety. This section further monitors street lighting outages and reports.

Traffic Operations

This section is responsible for day-to-day traffic operations and responds to traffic signal device trouble calls, such as: traffic light outages, four way red flash calls, broken pedestrian pushbutton and failed vehicle detection.  It further operates and maintains the City's Traffic Operations Center (TOC), the core of the City's traffic signal network.  The TOC, which houses the City's Advance Traffic Management System (ATMS), is a sophistacated control room that provides critical real time traffic signal information back to City Hall for command and control of daily traffic operations in the field.  In addition, this section is responsible for the design and implementation of various traffic signal, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) equipment, bicycle and pedestrian planned improvements. 

Traffic Maintenance

This section is responsible for the routine maintenance and safe operations of all City-owned traffic signal infrastructure, including:

  • 123 Traffic Signals
  • 34 Battery Back-Up Units
  • 25 Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras
  • 7 In-roadway Illuminated Crosswalks
  • 22 Electronic Radar Speed Feedback Signs
  • 6 Flashing School Beacons
  • Citywide Communication Network

This section also manages the City's traffic signal maintenance contractor who physically performs the necessary signal repairs.  The City's traffic signal maintenance contractor is on-call 24 hour a day to respond to both emergency and safety issues, such as: traffic accidents, power outages, pole knockdowns, signal conflicts, and other unforseen events.  In addition, this section also provides oversight of City-owned traffic signal improvements to verify all material, workmanship and functionality adhere to local and state regulations, including the California State Department of Transportation and the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).



For Residential Permit Parking, please contact Transportation Division at (714) 754-5634.

For Trash and Residential Refuse issues, please call (714) 754-5024.

For Commercial Refuse, please visit: Recycling.

Key Contacts
Jennifer Rosales, Transportation Services Manager
 (714) 754-5180
Traffic Signal Issues
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General Traffic Issues
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Residential Parking Permit - FAQ
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Oversize Load Application
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Street Lights - Click here to report an outage
 (714) 754-5184
Pothole Hotline
 (714) 754-5207
Bus Stop Maintenance
 (714) 754-5184
Lane Closure Permit (Encroachment Permit)
 (714) 754-5184
California Department of Transportation (Caltrans)
 (949) 724-2000
Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA)
 (714) 560-6282