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2013 City contracts

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Date approved
 Onward Engineering
 12-21-2013  Construction inspection services for capital improvement projects
 Motorola Solutions
 12-23-2013  Maintenance support services from 1/1/14 - 6/30/14
 12-10-2013  City and Consultant desire to contract for the specific services described in Exhibit A
 David Volz Design
 12-06-2013  Agreement to prepare median imrpovements along Del Mar Avenue
 Horizons (13-12)
 12-03-2013  Downtown Costa Mesa Gateway Landscape Improvements
 Horizons (13-06)
 12-03-2013  Enhancing the streetscape along East 17th Street between Santa Ana Avenue and Irvine Avenue
 Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant
 12-03-2013  Agreement to transfer funds
 Healthworks  12-02-2013  Providing medical care, including exams, physicals and testing
 OCCO-MED (Amend 1)
 12-01-2013  Provide medical review services
 Mercy House
 11-20-2013  Outreach Worker from Consultant's homeless outreach team to link the Costa Mesa Homeless Residents with necessary services and ultimately housing
 11-20-2013  Pro Edition Order Schedule (OS) confirmation
 Lilley Planning Group
 11-19-2013  Planning services
 Nexlevel Information Technology Inc
 11-13-2013  City proposes to utilize the services of Consultant as an independent contractor to serve as Interim information technology director
 All American Asphalt
 11-05-2013  Harbor Boulevard and Adams Avenue intersection improvements
 Oliver Charles
 11-05-2013  Purchase Agreement
 SCEL Properties
 10-09-2013  SUBDIVIDER is contemplating the construction, development and improvement of certain lands within the City
 REFS, Inc. James St.
 10-02-2013  Agreement for non-judicial services related to that certain improved real property located at 734, 740, 744 James p
 REFS, Inc. 745 18th St.
 REFS, Inc 707 711 18th st.
 10-02-2013  Agreement for non-judicial foreclosure services relating to that certain improved real property located at 707, 711 W. 18th Street, Costa Mesa
 County of Orange (Amend 1)
 10-01-2013  Reprographic services
 Scientific Resource Survey (SRS)
 10-01-2013  City proposes to have Consultant provide on-call professional to provide City with Cultural Resource Assessment work specific for Fairview Park
 Endemic Environmental Services Inc
 10-01-2013  City proposes to utilize the services of Consultant as an independent contractor to obtain a biological monitoring report for Fairview Park Riparian Habitat
 Traffic Development Services
 10-01-2013  Agreement for construction work for pedestrian safety and operational improvements on West 19th Street between Harbor blvd. and Placentia ave.
 09-30-2013  Agreement to provide services relate to administering and monitoring waste hauler operators
 National Data and Surveying Services
 09-23-2013  Agreement to provide traffic data collection
 Synoptik, LLC
 09-18-2013  City proposes consultant to perform project management services for SunGard CAD/RMS implementation
 LSA Associates INC
 09-16-2013  Perform biological survey for Vernal Pools at Fairview Park
 Midori Gardens Change order
 09-16-2013  Contract change order
 Schafer Consulting
 09-12-2013  City proposes consultant perform Municipal Financial and Human Resources System implementation services
 EF Recovery, LLC
 09-12-2013  Perform cost recovery services for motor vehicle accidents
 PTM General Engineering Services
 09-03-2013  Project is Victoria Street and Valley Road/ Pacific Avenue intersection
 Pro Forma Advisors
 09-01-2013  Agreement to perform auditing services of the Costa Mesa county club
 Care Ambulance
 09-01-2013  Agreement for Basic Life, Advanced Life Support and patient billing services
 Arthur J, Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc
 09-01-2013  City proposes to provide insurance brokerage services
 CivilSource, Inc
 08-06-2013  City proposes to provide engineering design services specifically for the improvement on East 19th Street
 Ware Disposal Company
 08-01-2013  Solid waste collection service
 Carl Warren & Company
 08-01-2013  City proposes to perform third party liability claims administration
 CJ Construction
 07-31-2013  Agreement for construction work
 David Volz Design
 07-16-2013  Design services for the installation of a boardwalk at Fairview Park
 07-05-2013  Agreement for improvements to the State Highway System (SHS) per Streets and Highways Code Section 114 and 130
 Fire Info Support Services
 07-01-2013  Fire information services such as quarterly reports and fire prevention maintenance and training
 Rosemary Nielsen
 07-01-2013  Perform mental health outreach to Costa Mesa Homeless Residents
 Fatpot Technologies, LLC
 07-01-2013  Agreement for the cost of Automated Vehicle Location/Global Positioning System software as an aid to fire and EMS apparatus dispatch
 Michelle Rudaitis Amendment
 07-01-2013  Agreement for the cost of services for providing hazardous materials disclosure program coordination
 Orange County Humane Society
 06-30-2013  Agreement to provide animal shelter services
 G4S Secure Solutions
 06-26-2013  24 hour per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year staffing and operations of the Costa Mesa type 1 Jail facility
 Management Partners
 06-17-2013  Agreement for Consultant to provide interim management assistance
 Serving People In Need
 06-11-2013  Agreement for CDBG funds
 Mercy House Transitional Living Centers
 06-11-2013  Agreement for CDBG funds
 Council on Aging - Orange County
 06-11-2013  Agreement for CDBG funds
 Costa Mesa Senior Corporation
 06-11-2013  Agreement for CDBG funds
 GLP Engineering, Inc (Electrical Switchboard)
 06-10-2013  City proposes to render professional electrical engineering services
 VA Consulting
 06-04-2013  Perform engineering and right-of-way services
 Keyser Marston Associates
 05-21-2013  Agreement for financial consulting services
 David Volz Design
 05-14-2013  City proposes to provide architecture and design services for Lions Park
 Endemic Environmental Services, Inc
 05-13-2013  City proposes to provide biological monitoring services for the Fairview Park NAtive Habitat Maintenance and Monitoring Services
 Harbor Soaring Society
 05-07-2013  Agreement for the use of a portion of Fairview Park
 Jovenville LLC
 05-02-2013  City proposes to have Consultant Jovenville, LLC dba We the Creative as described herein
 White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP
 05-01-2013  City proposes to have Consultant perform services described herein
 Dougherty + Dougherty Architects LLP
 04-25-2013  City proposes to have Consultant provide architectural and interior design services as described
 Nuvis  04-24-2013  City proposes to replace picnic shelters at Del Mesa and Wilson Parks
 Nuvis  04-23-2013  City proposes to replace picnic shelters at Del Mesa and Wilson Parks
 Albert Grover Associates
 04-16-2013  City proposes to provide traffic signal coordination for Baker Street/ Placentia Ave corridor
 04-16-2013  City proposes to provide traffic signal coordination along Victoria and 17th Street corridors
 R.J. Noble
 04-16-2013  City desires to construct the public work and improvements described herein
 R.J. Noble 2
 04-16-2013  City desires to construct the public work and improvements described within under Scope of Work, Paragraph 1
 Cost Recovery Systems
 04-01-2013  Provide SB 90 claims administration
 Nyhart  04-01-2013  Perform an actuarial review of the retiree medical and life insurance benefits, as well as the one percent Supplemental Retirement Plan for police officers
 OC Fair - 32nd District Agricultural Association
 04-01-2013  Agreement to pay contractor
 Kabbara Engineering
 04-01-2013  City proposes to provide engineering services for design of the Zone 16 Street Rehabilitation Project
 Adminisure, Inc
 04-01-2013  Worker's compensation claims administration
 Amtech Elevator Services
 03-25-2013  Establish a national cooperative contract for the provision of full-service elevator, escalator, chairlift, and platform lift services and maintenance
 C.J. Concrete Construction, Inc.
 03-19-2013  Parkway concrete repair and new sidewalk construction project
 All American Asphalt
 03-12-2013  City desires to construct the public work and improvements
 Michael Balliot
 03-12-2013  Audit services
 Newport Unified School District
 03-12-2013  Stadium and/or Athletic Facility at Costa Mesa High School for school and community recreational purposes
 Kabbara Engineering
 03-06-2013  Engineering and land surveying services for Pacific ave.
 County of Orange
 02-27-2013  Engineering, project management, architect services
 Superior Pavement Markings, Inc.
 02-21-2013  Traffic striping and pavement marking services
 Johnson Media Group
 02-19-2013  60th anniversary commemorative magazine
 Lance, Soll, Lunghard LLP
 02-14-2013  City of Consultant desire to contract for specific services in connection with the project
 Palp, Inc
 Storm drain work
 Nobest, Inc
 02-07-2013  Storm drain work
 Triton Technology Solutions, Inc
 02-01-2013  Audio/video consulting for council chambers
 Reginaldo (Chip) Espinosa
 01-09-2013  Consulting services pertaining to leadership and organizational teamwork development
 County of Orange
 01-08-2013  Monitoring of Back Bay watershed
 Camille Saito
 01-02-2013  Mental health outreach to Costa Mesa Homeless Residents