2016 City contracts

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Date Approved
CJ Concrete Construction, Inc.  12-02-2016  DRC Pool Deck Rehabilitation, Project 16-23
Kelly Associates Management Group LLC  11-30-2016  Perform an Organizational Review
P.T.M. General Engineering Services, Inc.  11-28-2016  Conduct Traffic Signal Improvements
 Joe Nation Consulting LLC                  11-23-2016  Provide Financial Services
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (Amend 2)  11-15-2016  Consulting for Community Improvement
Williams Scotsman, Inc.  11-15-2016  Lease Agreement
The Code Group, Inc. dba VCA Code  11-07-2016  Assist with Building and Safety Professional Staffing services
BKF Engineers  11-01-2016  Engineering Design Services
CNC Engineering  11-01-2016  Engineering Design Services
David Volz Design Landscape Architecture, Inc. (Amend 1)
 11-01-2016  Provide Landscape Architectural Design Services
Heroes Hall Veteran's Foundation   11-01-2016  Provide grant for development and construction of Heroes Hall Museum
Ohana Land Surveying
 11-01-2016  Land Surveying Services
Veronica Tam & Associates, Inc. (Amend 1)  11-01-2016 Consulting Services for 2013-2021 Housing Element
Marina Landscape Maintenance, Inc.  10-31-2016  Park and Landscape Maintenance Services
CleanStreet, Inc.  10-24-2016  Provide Maintenance of City Property
Pyxis Water Systems, Inc. (Amend 3)
 10-21-2016  Preventative Maintenance and Service to Tewinkle  Park Lakes
Raul Guillen dba West Coast Fence Co.  10-21-2016  Portable Office Complex and Site Construction (Project No. 16-15)
Penhall Company  10-17-2016  Provide Maintenance of City Property
AndersonPenna Partners, Inc.  10-10-2016  Landscaping and Irrigation Design Services
CJ Concrete Construction, Inc.   10-04-2016  Portable Office Complex and Site Construction, Project No. 16-15
Complete Landscape Care, Inc. (Amend 1)  10-04-2016  Landscape Maintenance Services
Show Development West, Inc.  10-03-2016  Provide Lighting and Decorating for Snoopy House
David Taussig & Associates, Inc. (Amend 1)  10-01-2016  Fee Study for User Fees and Charges
Jeanelle Heaston dba Permit Management Solutions  10-01-2016  Permit Technician Services
Keolis Transit Services, LLC F.K.A. Western Transit, Inc. (Amend 3)
 10-01-2016  Transportation for Seniors
Michael Balliet Consulting (Amend 5)  10-01-2016  Administering and Monitoring Waste Hauler Operations
Redemption Church
 10-01-2016  Use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
Rodell R. Fick, Esq. (Amend 2)  10-01-2016  Preside as the Hearing Officer at Administrative Hearings of Civil Citations
T-Mobile West Tower, LLC (Amend 1)
 09-27-2016  Communications Site Lease Agreement
 MPS Consulting, Inc.  09-19-2016  Project Management Assistance
LSA Associates (Amend 2)  09-16-2016  Perform Parking Study Services
Environmental Science Associates (Amend 1)  09-07-2016  Prepare an Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration
Management Partners, Inc. (Amend 1)  09-07-2016  Provide Assistance to Development Services
Arthur J. Gallagher Risk Management Services, Inc. (Amend 1)  09-02-2016  Provide Insurance Brokerage Services
Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.  09-01-2016  Provide Building Official Services
All City Management Services, Inc. (Amend 1)
 08-30-2016  Crossing Guard Services
FirstCarbon Solutions
 08-30-2016  Environmental Analysis
FirstCarbon Solutions
 Environmental Analysis
Bon Terra Psomas (Amend 1)  08-23-2016  Environmental Analysis
Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.  08-08-2016  Planning and Design of Skate Park II
STV Construction, Inc.   08-02-2016 Professional Construction Management Services
Carl Warren & Company (Amend 1)  08-01-2016  Provide Third Party Claims Administration Services
IDS Group, Inc.  08-01-2016  Perform Engineering Services
Ware Disposal Company, Inc. (Amend 2)
 07-29-2016 Solid Waste Collection
Design West Engineering, Inc.  07-26-2016 Electrical Engineering Services
Kabbara Engineering  07-26-2016  On-call Professional Engineering Services
Tandus Centiva US LLC  07-22-2016 Project 16-11 City Hall 4th Floor Re-carpeting
Bon Terra Psomas
Prepare California Environmental Quality Act documentation
Bon Terra Psomas
 07-14-2016 Environmental Analysis
Chandler Asset Management, Inc. (Amend 1)  07-12-2016 PSA for Investment Management Services
 Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. (Amend 1)
 07-06-2016  Provide Consulting for Community Improvement
Stommel, Inc. dba Lehr  07-06-2016  Vehicle Lighting and Equipment Installation Services
Centro Evangelistico Vida Nueva
 07-01-2016  Use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
Colette's Children's Home, Inc.  07-01-2016 Provide transitional housing to Costa Mesa homeless women and children
Community SeniorServ, Inc.
 07-01-2016  Provide Home Delivered Meals
Community SeniorServ, Inc.  07-01-2016  Provide Meals in a Congregate Setting
 Council on Aging of Orange County  07-01-2016  The City as Grantee under the Community Development Block Grant Program
 Elwyn, California 07-01-2016   Provide Client Case Mangement and Employment Services
 Fair Housing Foundation  07-01-2016  Provide fair housing outreach, education and enforcement services
Families Forward, Inc. 07-01-2016   Provide housing and support services
 Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. 07-01-2016    Consulting Services
 Management Partners, Inc.  07-01-2016  Provide Assistance to Development Services
 Mercy House Living Centers  07-01-2016  Provide Rapid Rehousing and Homelessness Prevention Services
 Michelle Rudaitis (Amend 4)
 07-01-2016  Provide Hazardous Materials Disclosure Program Coordination
 Mike Linares, Inc. (Amend 2)
 07-01-2016  CDBG/Home Coordinator Services
Newport-Mesa Unified School District  07-01-2016  School Resource Officer Program
 Redemption Church  07-01-2016  Use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
 West Coast Arborists (Amend 2)  07-01-2016  Tree Maintenance Services
White Nelson Diehl Evans LLP (Amend 2)
 07-01-2016 PSA for Auditing Services
Youth Employment Services of the Harbor Area, Inc.  07-01-2016 Comprehensive Youth Job Readiness Services
KOA Corporation 06-29-2016  Engineering Services
Keystone Uniforms OC  06-24-2016 Purchase Uniforms on as-needed basis
Templeton Planning Group  06-22-2016 Provide an addendum to the initial study/mitigated declaration
Bureau Veritas (Amend 4)
 06-21-2016 Plan Checking and Inspection Services
Care Ambulance Service, Inc. (Amend 5)  06-21-2016 Ambulance Services
CSG Consulting, Inc. (Amend 4)  06-21-2016 Plan Checking and Inspection Services
Interwest Consulting Group, Inc. (Amend 4)  06-21-2016 Plan Checking and Inspection Services
Melad & Associates, Inc. (Amend 4)
 06-21-2016 Plan Checking and Inspection Services
Scott Fazekas & Associates, Inc. (Amend 4)
 06-21-2016 Plan Checking and Inspection Services
 Vido Samarzich, Inc.  06-21-2016  Project 16-02 Harbor Boulevard and Gisler Avenue Intersection Improvement
 Dudek  06-20-2016 Environmental Consulting Services
Shaw HR Consulting, Inc.  06-15-2016 PSA for Consulting Services
Kabbara Engineering  06-07-2016 Provide On-Call Professional Traffic Engineering Consulting Services
Onward Engineering  06-07-2016 Provide Engineering Services for Widening Improvements on West 17th Street
R.H.F., Inc  06-01-2016 Radar and Laser Repair and Recertification
Smith-Emery Laboratories, Inc.  05-25-2016 Geotechnical Testing and Inspection Services
Continental Interpreting Services, Inc.  05-19-2016 PSA for Translation Services
Boys & Girls Club of the Harbor Area  05-17-2016 Lease Agreement
 G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc. (Amend 2)  05-17-2016  Custody and Jail Management Services
Protiviti Government Services  05-17-2016 Temporary Staffing Services
G & W Towing, Inc. (Amend 4)
 05-13-2016 Provide Towing Services
The Howard E. Nyhart Company, Incorporated
 05-10-2016 Biennial Actuarial Review Services
Orange County Transportation Authority  05-10-2016 I-405 Improvement Project
Arellano Associates, LLC  05-06-2016 Consulting Services for the City's Voter District Communication Program
Trauma Intervention Programs, Inc.  05-05-2016 Emotional and practical support services to victims of traumatic events and their families
Jovenville LLC, dba We The Creative (Amend 1)  05-02-2016 Graphic Design Services
Cron & Associates Transcription, Inc.  05-01-2016 Transcribing and Translating Services for the Police Department
Debra Ann Eremita  05-01-2016 Training Services
Keyser Marston Associates, Inc. (Amend 5)  04-29-2016 Financial Consulting Services
Michael Balliet Consulting
(Amend 1)
 04-29-2016 PSA for Auditing Services
Orange County Office of Waste & Recycling (Amend 1)  04-28-2016 PSA for Waste Disposal Agreement
Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.  04-22-2016 Provide Consulting for Community Improvement  
Lilley Planning Group (Amend 1)  04-22-2016 PSA for Planning Consulting Services
Asplundh Construction Corporation dba Asplundh Electrical Construction  04-19-2016 Project 15-04 Citywide School Zone Traffic Calming Project
Compass Demographics, LLC  04-19-2016 District Consulting Services
Smart Tech Group, Inc.  04-19-2016 Project 14-01 Placentia Avenue Bicycle Signal Improvements
Solid Landings Behavioral Health et al.  04-15-2016 Settlement Agreement and General Release
 TRC Solutions, Inc. 04-15-2016   Design of Security Camera Systems
Aviation Systems, Inc.  04-12-2016 Aeronautical Engineering and Consulting Services
GCR Marketing Network  04-09-2016 Business Retention and Attraction Services
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A.  04-08-2016 Independent Contractor for Banking Services
Superior Pavement Markings, Inc.  04-05-2016
Provide Street Striping and Thermoplastic Services
Kabbara Engineering (Amend 1)
 04-04-2016 PSA for Engineering Services
OneOC  04-04-2016 Memorandum of Understanding
Orange County Conservation Corps  04-01-2016 Memorandum of Understanding
Centro Evangelistico Vida Nueva
 04-01-2016 Use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
Redemption Church
 04-01-2016 Use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
Interwest Consulting Group, Inc.
 03-31-2016 Professional Services Agreement
David Volz Design Landscape Architecture, Inc.
 03-28-2016 Provide Landscape Architectural Design Services
KASA Contruction, Inc.
 03-15-2016 Project 14-14 Harbor Bike Trail Improvement
Micon Construction, Inc.
 03-15-2016 Project 14-13 Smallwood Park Improvements
LSA Associates, Inc. (Amend 1)
 03-14-2016 Parking Study Services
Michael Baker International, Inc.
 03-07-2016 Professional Services Agreement
 Barr & Clark, Inc.
Lead-based paint inspection services
 G&W Towing, Inc. (Amend 3)
 02-29-2016 Provide towing services
 MetroPro Road Services, Inc. (Amend 3)
 02-29-2016 Provide towing services
 Matrix Consulting Group Ltd
 02-22-2016 For contract fiscal review in compliance with SB331: Civic Reporting Openness in Negotiations Efficiency Act
Wolverine Fence Company, Inc.
Project 15-15 - Downtown Recreation Center Wrought Iron Fence Installation
 Merchants Building Maintenance
 02-03-2016 Provide janitorial services
West Coast Arborists  02-01-2016 Provide tree maintenance services
 Endemic Environmental Services, Inc.
Provide landscape maintenance services for Fairview Park Native Habitat Project
 California Forensic Phlebotomy
 01-26-2016 Provide blood withdrawal testing services
 National Safety Compliance, Inc.
Provide consulting services related to driver/employee controlled substance and alcohol use testing
 Michael Baker International
Prepare an Initial Studies/Mitigated Negative Declaration for residential project at 2626 Harbor Blvd.
 Endemic Environmental Services, Inc.
 01-04-2016 Provide Fairview Park Wetlands and Native Habitat biological monitoring services
Centro Evangelistico Vida Nueva  01-01-2016 Use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
 Redemption Church
 01-01-2016 Use of the Costa Mesa Senior Center