Animal Services Committee

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The Animal Services Committee was formed by the City Council in January 2018.

The Committee membership is comprised of 7 regular members and two alternate members.

The goals of the Committee are to promote pet licensing within the City, assist with the planning of animal related events, and to explore and provide recommendations to improve animal services.

Position  Term
 Jay B. Litvak DVM
 Chairperson  Two-year term
 Tracy Hughes
 Vice Chairperson
 Two-year term
 Christie McDaniel
 Member  Two-year term
 Dana Lavin
 Member  Two-year term
 Rebecca "Becca" Walls
 Member  One-year term
 Marilyn Brooks
 Member  One-year term
 Harriet Brown
 Member  One-year term
 Angela Minjares
 Member  (Alternate) Two-year term
 Linda Kwoun
 Member (alternate)
 (Alternate) Two-year term
 Mayor Sandy Genis
 City Council liaison
 Council Member John Stephens
 City Council liaison (alternate)
 Justin Martin  Parks and Community Services Director staff liaison
 Tracy Habiger
 Recreation Coordinator (staff liaison)

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(714) 754-5128

For more information, please contact (714) 754-5300 or email