The Cultural Arts Committee works with City Council to support cultural arts programs and to bring art awareness to the residents of Costa Mesa, the City of the Arts. This committee works to establish programs, events and information that help residents access the arts in many different venues, and through multiple sources.

The committee meets on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 6:45 p.m. in City Hall's Conference Room 1A.

For more information about the committee, call (714) 754-5300, and you will be directed to the appropriate City staff liaison to the committee. If you are interested in participating in this committee by becoming a member, fill out the "Committee/Commission Board Member Interest Form," available from the City Clerk's Office or click here to download. Members are appointed in April.

MISSION STATEMENT The purpose of the Cultural Arts Committee is to enhance, promote and support our rich artistic community of Costa Mesa, the City of the Arts.


  1. Actively participate in the City of Costa Mesa’s Arts & Culture Master Plan process
  2. Award a minimum of five (5) grants through the Cultural Arts Committee Grant Program to benefit local arts and artist organizations
  3. Provide staff with art related recommendations for the facilities associated with the Lions Park Project
  4. Pursue four (4) local businesses to sponsor a utility box, growing the Utility Box Beautification Project
  5. Install eight (8) new utility boxes art vinyl wraps
  6. Continue to partner and collaborate with other organizations:  CM non-profits, local design studios, art stores, entertainers, NMUSD arts, etc
  7. Increase the Costa Mesa Directory of the Arts (a yellow pages for art) submissions to include 100 local artist and art businesses
  8. Host the 4th annual ARTventure signature event and feature multiple forms of art and entertainment
  9. Select/Designate a location for a sculpture garden, secure approval, and initiate the planning/creative process. 
  10. Partner with local organizations and business to create "pop-up" art activations across the City. 
  11. Monitor and promote upcoming Committee and CM gallery/artist events on the Committee’s Facebook page.
  12. Renovate the Youth Art Gallery display boards and sign
  13. Host quarterly receptions for the Youth Art Gallery, coinciding with the Art on the Fifth receptions
  14. Expand the Art on the Fifth gallery to include the first floor conference room.



  1. Permanent Community Art Center to display artwork and conduct performing arts of Costa Mesa artists
  2. Provide City Council with advice relative to issues relating to Cultural Arts



  1. Hosted the 3rd annual ARTventure event November 10-11 at SoCo Collection in the Design Within Reach showroom.  More than two hundred and five (205) pieces of art were juried and displayed along with twenty (20) student submissions.  Prizes were awarded to selected artists.  Live music and artist demonstrations were provided by Segerstrom Center for the Arts and varies local arts organizations.  Fifteen hundred (1,500) people attended.
  2. Hosted the 2nd annual Action Arts in the Park event on April 29 at TeWinkle Park. More than twenty-nine (29) art and action sports vendors participated. The event featured live music, artist demonstrations, interactive art, skate demonstration, kid attractions, and food trucks. The event attendance averaged eight hundred (800) people.
  3. Completed Phase III & IV of the Art in Public Places - Utility Box Beautification Program.  Seven (7) boxes were affix with submitted art in the form of printed vinyl wrap.
  4. Accepted and installed a sculpture donated by local artist James McDemas.
  5. Increased social media presence on Facebook from 225 followers to 393 followers, 75% increase.
  6. Established a new art gallery called Art on the Fifth, located at City Hall on the fifth floor. In 2017, the gallery featured four (4) Costa Mesa artists.
  7. Established the first Costa Mesa Art Directory, a FREE online listing of information for Costa Mesa artist and arts organizations and galleries. The directory launched with thirty-one (31) artist and four (4) organizations.
  8. Established the Cultural Arts Committee Grant Program to support and grow the arts in Costa Mesa. In 2017, the Committee awarded more than $1,000.
  9. Completed a “Call for Artist” for an art themed logo. Selected and paid two (2) local artists for their design.