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The COSTA MESA DIRECTORY OF THE ARTS serves as a resource to highlight the City of Costa Mesa’s ever growing population of local artists and arts organizations. Local artists must live and/or work in the City of Costa Mesa to be eligible. Submissions may include varying forms of visual arts, music, theater, literature, filmmaking, apparel design, teaching, gallery space, art supply, non-profit, etc. Any artist 18+, that fits into a professional category is invited to submit an application for consideration into this FREE Directory.
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I certify that the information contained in this application and attachments is true and correct, and I authorize the Cultural Arts Committee and the City of Costa Mesa (City) to use the information in their Local Artist Directory located on the City of Costa Mesa web site.

I represent that I am the author of and owner of all rights in and to the Artwork/”Featured Image” and that I have the sole and exclusive right to make within the grant of rights, including but not limited to moral rights, that neither I nor anyone else has any contractual or other arrangements which will interfere with rights herein granted and warrant that the rights herein granted will not infringe on the rights of any third party and that the consent or permission of no other party is required by City in connection with the use of the Artwork. I agree to indemnify and hold City harmless from and against any and all liability, damages, claims and demands of whatever kind and nature, either in law or equity, which arises or may hereafter arise from the City’s use or display of the Artwork or in connection with the breach or alleged breach of my representation and/or warranty made here-under. It is not the intent for the City to benefit financially from the use of my Artwork; but in the event that the City does benefit financially, I, the Artist will receive thirty percent of the net profit.

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