Historical Preservation Committee

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The Historical Preservation Committee works with the City Council to preserve the history of Costa Mesa and with the Costa Mesa Historical Society to educate the general public about the rich history of the community.

Meetings are held at 5:30 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Costa Mesa City Hall. Meetings are open to the public and individuals interested in the committee are encouraged to attend.

For more information about the committee, call (714) 754-5300.

Or, if you are interested in participating in this Committee by becoming a member, fill out the "Committee/Commission Board Member Interest Form" available from the City Clerk's Officer or downloadable here. Members are appointed in April.

MISSION STATEMENT The Historical Preservation Committee will work to preserve and promote the historical heritage of the City of Costa Mesa.


Current Project Goals and Initiatives:

  1. Historical Markers: Continue the project with phase III (6 markers).
  2. Notable Residents: Nominate and research at least six (6) new notables. 
  3. Research and recognize at least two (2) Costa Mesa based businesses that have been in business for 50+ years.
  4. Utility Box Art Program: Partner with the Cultural Arts Committee to feature two (2) utility boxes with art wrap of a historical image.
  5. Social Media: Continue to publicize ongoing accomplishments and initiatives. (2 posts per month)


2018 Accomplishments

  1. Historical Markers: Completed the second half of phase II (6 markers) 
  2. Notable Residents: 5 residents added to Costa Mesa Notables.
  3. Social Media: Creation of Facebook page to publicize accomplishments and ongoing initiatives.
  4. Utility Box Art Program: Partnered with the Cultural Arts Committee for two (2) utility box artistic wrap.
  5.  Partnered with the Orange County Historical Commission and the Costa Mesa Historical 
     Society to designate the Diego Sepulveda as County Historical Site No. 56 with a bronze
  6. Completed the History of Costa Mesa Parks & Facilities online informational resource.