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Neighborhood Improvement Task Force

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Vision Statement
"Our vision is to create and sustain a dynamic framework for improving the quality of life for Costa Mesa residents, business owners and visitors. We seek broad-based solutions to achieve a healthy and safe environment for our diverse community."

  • Ongoing voluntary assistance provided on a weekly basis at both Lions Park and Donald Dungan Library by both the Orange County Health Care Agency and local nonprofits such as Veterans First, resulting in more than 180 engagements with mentally ill homeless persons, 24 successful placements in housing and suspension of three weekend food handout programs by the faith-based community, and reunification with several homeless people with their families across the country.
  • Working closely with Church Consortium to assist the City in encouraging churches to work on alternatives to the food handout programs in Lions Park, including suspension of three weekend food handout programs and referral program for churches wishing to minister to the homeless population.
  • Creation of a de facto “Homeless Law Enforcement Team” that systematically tracks chronic offenders for City Attorney prosecution resulting in 74 arrests and 112 citations from January-June 2012.
  • Through a partnership with the Churches Consortium, the development of a storage center for homeless people’s belongings and the beginning of a church-based family reunification program for homeless individuals wishing to return to their communities.
  • Ongoing monitoring of vagrancy complaints by Housing and Community Development and Police Team.
  • Ongoing church/City partnership regarding referral of chronic offenders and/or mentally ill homeless population to appropriate resources.
  • Development of a “voucher policy” for homeless individuals wishing reunification with family based on Costa Mesa police officer referrals.