Commissioners and Staff

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 Name  Position  Phone  E-Mail  Term Expires
Liz McNabb
(714) 754-5009 February 2021 
Arlis Reynolds
Vice Chair
(714) 754-5009
February 2019 
Jim Erickson Commissioner
(714) 754-5009 February 2021
Kristina Bogner
(714) 754-5009
February 2019
Leah Ersoylu
(714) 754-5009 February 2019
Chair McNabb
Vice Chair Reynolds
Commissioner Bogner
Commissioner Ersoylu
 Commissioner Erickson
District 2
District 4
District 3 District 5
 District 1

Estancia Park

Mesa Verde Park

Moon Park

Smallwood Park

Suburbia Park

Del Mesa Park

Gisler Park

Paularino Park

Shiffer Park

Wakeham Park

Wimbledon Park

Brentwood Park

Harper Park

Heller Park

Jordan Park

Lindbergh Park

Pinkley Park


Canyon Park

Fairview Park

Lions Park

Marina View Park

Shalimar Park

Vista Park

Civic Center Park

Jack Hammett Sports Complex

Ketchum-Libolt Park

Tanager Park

TeWinkle Park

Wilson Park

Parks & Recreation Commissioners each provide an annual report that speaks to their assigned district.
December 2018:

November 2017:

Staff Liasons:

Justin Martin

Parks and Community Services Director

(714) 754-5065