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Parks and Rec Chairperson's Award

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The Parks and Recreation Commission established the Chairperson's Award program to formally recognize and acknowledge outstanding efforts in the City of Costa Mesa as they relate to development, promotion, improvement, education, innovation, sponsorship and/or maintenance within the field of recreation programs and facilities, parks and parkways.  Nominations must be submitted in written form to the City by any individual or group. The nominees can be any individual, city employee, business, group, organization, institution, etc.  Click on the nomination form for details, or call the Recreation Division at 714-754-5300.

Nomination Form


2008-04: Padgett - Award letter

2008-04: Padgett Award photo

2008-05: Murphy - Award letter

2008-05: Murphy - Award photo

2008-06: Bowley - Award letter

2008-06: Bowley - Award photo

2008-09: Hansen - Award letter

2008-09: Hansen - Award photo

2009-05: Bass & Crane - Award letter

2009-05: Bass & Crane - Award photo

2009-11: White - Award letter

2009-11: White -Award photo

2010-01: Hill - Award letter

2010-01: Hill - Award photo

2010-03: Gomez - Award letter

2010-03: Gomez - Award photo

2010-05: Gardner - Award letter

2010-05: Gardner - Award photo

2011-01: Schafer - Award letter

2011-01: Schafer - Award photo

2014-07 Macys - Award letter

2014-07 Macys - Award photo