Please click here for information related to the Novel Coronavirus.

Dear Costa Mesa Businesses:

As Governor Newsom continues to relax requirements and allow additional businesses to reopen, we must remain vigilant in our current practices to keep the virus at a manageable level. Doing so protects the safety of Costa Mesa residents and the future of local businesses by minimizing the duration and potential resurgence of the pandemic. We, at the City of Costa Mesa, want to assist local businesses during this unprecedented time. To provide a clear means for businesses to receive relevant information and in partnership with local pro-business agencies, a website has been developed where you can find a robust Resource Guide and relevant announcements about COVID-19 and the Business Assistance support the City and its partners are providing.

To that end, the City proposes eight actions that all businesses should take to weather the COVID-19 crisis and be best situated for post-pandemic success.

Top 8 Actions Small Business Owners Can Take During COVID-19

  1. Send an email to to request your business be placed on the Costa Mesa BAC website. Include in the email relevant information about how your business is operating, contact information, a quality internal photo of your business or sample of your work, and your logo.
  2. Fill out the COVID-19 Impact Survey. This survey will be sent to you by the City in an email, but if you would like to proactively participate, please complete the survey here.
  3. Comply with OC Public Health requirements. Create a Risk Assessment and Protection Plan, provide employee training to limit spread, implement control measures, sanitize and disinfect, and maintain physical distancing for staff and patrons.
  4. Participate in the Shop Costa Mesa campaign. Post images of your business operating in compliance with the OC Public Health guidelines to #RestoreCM.
  5. Use the signage provided to all businesses to allow for consistent and universal messaging throughout the City.
  6. Check for fiscal support, including grant or loan programs.
  7. Improve your business’s online presence and make your business more visible via websites, promotions and partnerships. Use for business listings.
  8. Support other local businesses and encourage all patrons to shop locally.

While COVID-19 restrictions significantly limit options for many businesses, having a clear understanding of what your business can and cannot do at this time is critical. Your business can have as much of a virtual presence as you wish. Therefore, the City is encouraging you to develop or enhance your online presence.

Barry Curtis
Economic & Development Services Director
City of Costa Mesa

Please refer any questions or comments to:

Daniel Inloes
Economic Development Administrator