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Status of Litigation

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The City of Costa Mesa filed legal action on February 21, 2020 against the State of California after it learned federal officials were planning to use the Fairview Development Center to house and quarantine individuals who have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. 

At the direction of United States District Judge Josephine Staton, the City of Costa Mesa met Thursday Feb. 27 with state and federal agencies to attempt to obtain answers to key questions about how the Fairview Developmental Center could safely serve as an isolation site center for asymptomatic COVID-19 positive individuals.

On February 28, 2020 the federal government filed a notice with the court that it no longer planned to place COVID-19 infected Diamond Princess passengers at Fairview.

Please see below for more information regarding the City's legal action to halt the use of Fairview Developmental Center.



US District Court Case No. 8:20-CV-00368-JLS-JDE (Feb. 28, 2020)

US District Court Case No. 8:20-CV-00368-JLS-JDE (Feb. 24, 2020)