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It’s Rattlesnake season and Fairview Park does provide habitat for these creatures - several sightings have already occurred this season!  

To warn off people and potential threats, the rattlesnakes will make a loud rattle noise with their tail. They will not attack unless provoked, so give the snake a wide berth and walk away. If you cannot safely pass, then retrace your steps and take a different route. In addition, do not purposefully poke or touch the snake with sticks, rocks, or any other objects. Please be careful and aware of your surroundings while out on any of Fairview Park’s many trails.

Fairview Park is the City’s largest park, hosting 195 acres of open space – natural area, and 13 acres of manicured landscape for a total of 208 acres. Within the 195 acres of open space there are two Nationally Registered Cultural Resource Historic Sites and five distinct habitat ecosystems which are home to many rare and endangered plant and animal species. The Park acts as a regional gateway to the Santa Ana River Trail, the Orange Coast River Park, and adjacent Orange County Talbert Regional Park, offering users multiple passive recreational opportunities such as picnicking, kite flying, wildlife observation, environmental education, and 7 miles of trails for walking or bicycling. The Park also hosts a miniature railroad and model airplane flying field both run by partnering non-profits, and hosts a number of City-wide special events throughout the year.

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