Fairview Park

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"Vernal Pool Tour & Talk" Exmplore all the vernal pool habitats of Fairview Park (6), learn the history behind of the Fairy Shrimp becoming an endangered species, what that means for management of their habitats, what the City has planned to restore the pools, and how vernal pools are part of our local, regional natural systems. Speakers: Barry Nerhus, Endemic Environmental; Cynthia D’Agosta, Fairview Park Administrator; Terry Welsh, President of Banning Ranch Conservancy. Tour includes an easy 40 minute walk starting at the Train Station on the parks east side; (park here). The talk will be held at the Fly Field on the parks west side.

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Fairview Park is the City’s largest park, hosting 195 acres of open space – natural area, and 13 acres of manicured landscape for a total of 208 acres. Within the 195 acres of open space there are two Nationally Registered Cultural Resource Historic Sites and five distinct habitat ecosystems which are home to many rare and endangered plant and animal species. The Park acts as a regional gateway to the Santa Ana River Trail, the Orange Coast River Park, and adjacent Orange County Talbert Regional Park, offering users multiple passive recreational opportunities such as picnicking, kite flying, wildlife observation, environmental education, and 7 miles of trails for walking or bicycling. The Park also hosts a miniature railroad and model airplane flying field both run by partnering non-profits, and hosts a number of City-wide special events throughout the year.


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Wetlands Phase I

In September 2009, Phase I of the Fairview Park Wetlands and Riparian Habitat Project was completed. Seventeen acres of riparian habitat was planted, wetland ponds and streams graded, and an irrigation system installed. Funding for Phase I was provided by the US Army Corps of Engineers, California Department of Parks and Recreation and the City’s Park Development Fund

Wetlands Phase II

  • Six acres of wetland ponds
  • Five acres of native grasslands
  • Three acres of oak trees
  • Nine acres of coastal sage scrub
  • 760 trees planted
  • 8,700 shrubs planted
  • 19,000 CY of dirt moved to create the ponds and channels
  • 2 miles of irrigation pipe installed
 Fairview Park Improvements
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