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Sister City Program

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Costa Mesa / Wyndham

EHS 2012 Delegation

  • Alejandra Delgado
  • Gianna Jason
  • Serena Kao
  • Maribel Maldonado
  • Padraig Mulholland
  • Brooke Thomas
  • Ilene Umansky
  • Brad Wilson

city council chamber  

HC 2013 Delegates

  • Kahlia Blake 
  • Kallie Dineen
  • Bailey Flint             
  • Brooke Gathercole 
  • Jordan Hamilton 
  • Kellie Morris 
  • Zoe Sidwell
  • Zarko Vojinovic 

 The Sister City Exchange Program was established in the year 2007. This program gives the opportunity for teenagers to become global citizens.

On August 23, 1996, the cities of Wyndham, Victoria, Australia and Costa Mesa, California formally renewed their dedication to a Sister City Agreement at a reception hosted by the Costa Mesa Tourism and Promotion Council at the Wyndham Gardens Hotel in the City's Arts District. Commissioner Neville Goodwin and Chief Executive Officer Ian Robbins represented the City of Wyndham; while various community leaders and Costa Mesa City Manager Allan Roeder received them.


The Sister City Agreement is part of the program of the Sister City Project, which aims to build "goodwill and friendship between the two cities and in the earnest hope for deeper understanding between the nations of Australia and the United States of America." A non-profit, community benefit association, the Sister City Project is comprised of individuals and organizations dedicated to cultural enrichment, business opportunities, and government interaction between the communities of Wyndham and Costa Mesa. The project supports programs that mutually benefit and inform, enhance, and encourage interaction between citizens, businesses, and city leaders from both communities. The project involves a variety of members that make up the dynamic communities of Wyndham and Costa Mesa.

Australia Wyndham, located west of Melbourne in the southeastern Australian state of Victoria, is ideally situated near Melbourne's central business, theater, and casino districts where economic and cultural opportunities abound. Wyndham's geographic area is slightly larger than that of Orange County and has a population of nearly 100,000 people. Wyndham is fortunate enough to be home to a number of key tourist attractions, which collectively draw over 750,000 visitors each year.  Similar to Costa Mesa, Wyndham was predominantly agricultural in its youth. It is, however, presently undergoing rapid development with new residential subdivisions and high technology, education, light industry, and commercial boroughs. In Victoria, Wyndham is the fastest growing area, with nearly half of all households comprised of couples with young children